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“Maybe This Time” by C.P. Santi


This book wasn’t a part of any book blog tours that I participated. I didn’t get to register in time, that’s why. I’ve been meaning to read this ever since I saw blog posts and tweets about this. But since I have no means of purchasing my own copy since I don’t have money, I just waited. Luckily, I managed to get my copy by chance through InstaFreebie. I really love that site.

So back to the topic. This would be the second book that I read written by the same author. I just smiled when I read the theme of the book—second chances that were up for grabs (if you know where and when to look) and laid in front of the people chosen to receive it. Of course, the characters needed to work things out before they could say that it truly belonged to them. That they truly belonged to each other even as time and circumstances tested them and separated them.

If I go ranking which of the three stories in the book that I liked the most, it goes this way:

First: Meant To Be

Second: Sweeter By The Second

Third: Exorcising My Ex

Yes, I know that most of the blog posts and tweets I’ve read about their thoughts with regards to this book also liked my #1, which was Arne and Bea’s story of second chance at possessing the love that eluded them once (or twice, or even many times) because of their inability to actually express it to each other. Things and stories like that happen a lot, I know. I mean, it’s really cute and I couldn’t help smiling a lot at Arne’s katorpehan (lack of bones/courage/guts to actually confess your feelings to the one you like/love—in a romantic sense).

The story I placed second was about Tony and Rina’s second chance after some misconceptions and long distance. I guess not all people were given another chance to renew the love (or should I say romantic connection) that was broken because of those two factors. It’s not easy to see the signs, anyway. Most of the time, we assume that it was the sign that we were looking for, only to turn out that it wasn’t or people failed to recognize it. Luckily, the pair in this story managed to see it.

And for the story I placed in the third spot, Viv and Geno’s second chance most likely ocurred after a matchmaking and finally realizing that what they had done to free each other from the ties of responsibility of early (and perhaps forced) parenthood made them grow and understand things. Those realizations ocurred to Geno after that matchmaking that was set up by the person strongly connecting him to Viv in more ways than one. I really like Pam’s quirkiness even though most of her lines and dialogues were thru her chats and messages to her dad Geno.

Yup. These ramblings about my thoughts for this book turned out to be a little shorter than I imagined while writing this. But anyway, it’s not bad, right? Signs for second chances (or even third or fourth) aren’t that recognizable, as I’ve written. We need to really feel it, that we’re truly deserving to have it. It’s worth the shot. Who knows? Those signs to have our second chance might truly lead us to the happy ever after we see in other people… or perhaps much better than what we truly wished to have for ourselves.


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