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“A Walk To Remember” by Nicholas Sparks


When I decided to re-read all the novels I read in order for me to write a book review (or book comment, I should say), this novel was the first in my list. I don’t know. But for me, this is one of my favorite novels I’ve ever read and so I decided to read it again.

I’ve only become aware of Nicholas Sparks’ books because of the movie adaptation of this novel. But it took me long before I finally had a copy of his novels. Anyway, getting back to the topic. Since I’ve watched the movie adaptation of the book first before reading this, I imagined most of the scenes to be in the 90s or 2000s, unlike the 50s that the novel mentioned. But it’s okay. I mean, a lot of things could change as decades passed and yet there would always be things and feelings that would remain the same. At least, this novel told me that.

Because of the movie, some of the characters here in the novel already had visual inspirations to me. It was funny, if you asked me. I mean, the novel was set in the 50s and yet the characters I imagined were those that protrayed the modern (or should I say contemporary) version of the story. One thing I can tell, however I imagined the characters, the effect would always be the same.

There should’ve been a warning about reading Nicholas Sparks’ books, you know. That you need to prepare tissues for the tears that were about to fall as you read. Landon and Jamie’s journey was something that tested their faith. Jamie remained holding on to it even though she was given short time to live. Though Landon wasn’t much of a believer, he slowly come in terms with his issues in life with her unending faith and her help. It wasn’t really easy for him and it was pretty obvious. But love can really let you do things that you thought you’d never do in life, huh?

Sure, not all answers that we were looking for can be found easily. Life had always been like that. Most of the time, answers can be found once you’ve experienced something that would make you see it. Landon narrated his story that way. Or at least, that’s how I understood it. Others could have a different perception about this, though.


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