January’s Story

It’s the month that started the year
And vacation’s end also started to come near
A month that will start life again
And have my blessings be poured like rain

But the story I want to show
Is about a love that began to flow
A love that started by an accidental touching
And destiny that already did its matching

The field was cold because of the snow
And the time must have gone slow
But the two of them didn’t mind the cold
Didn’t even know what destiny has foretold

Both of them can’t say a thing
Not a word until the phone rings
She realized it was already ten o’clock
And her friend was only waiting for her to knock

He smiled at her and just said this,
“I’m sorry,” then he held her hand and planted a kiss
She was surprised but she managed to smile
Because somehow, he made her moment worthwhile


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