A Memory Of December

During the time the cold wind starts blowing
I couldn’t help my tears to stop from flowing
It’s not the happy memories I remember
Only those that let my heart cry in December

I couldn’t accept that you just left me alone
And I found myself staring at the telephone
Hoping that you would call me just once
And maybe you’ll give me a second chance

I guess I’m in a deep state of desperation
And it’s easy to tell with my expression
Why do I have to suffer this way?
How could you let my fragile heart pay?

My tears are like the falling rain
Of pains and aches that are heavy to gain
I just couldn’t let myself suffer
From a battle wherein you’re together

So, every time I pick of a memory from December
I only choose now what are happy to remember
`Coz I’ll never forget that still have friends
Who will accompany me till the battle ends


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