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A Heavenly Love In A Hell-Like World

Now we’re witnessing a world that suffers
Because they didn’t notice one emotion that scatters
And as the dark clouds covers the blue sky completely
I wonder if we could live it like this totally

I almost fell in despair when I was lost
For I’ve taken a path where I follow a ghost
A ghost that haunts my mind about a past
I keeps on saying that everything won’t last

Though that phrase might be true in some way
Still, there are some that will remain and stay
And if ever you’ve felt a love that’s true
Then you’ll know what I’m going to say to you

We’re living in a world that’s compared to hell
For I’ve witnessed people in suffering they fell
But your love for me felt so heavenly
That kept me flying above the sea

You saved me from the hell I’ve been living through
When you made me feel a love that I know is true
And I can tell that my heart will never feel so cold
For I’ve felt a heavenly love in a hell-like world


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