“Maybe This Time” by C.P. Santi

This book wasn’t a part of any book blog tours that I participated. I didn’t get to register in time, that’s why. I’ve been meaning to read this ever since I saw blog posts and tweets about this. But since I have no means of purchasing my own copy since I don’t have money, I... Continue Reading →


#BacklistRevivalProject: “The First Time They Met” by Ana Valenzuela

Title: The First Time They Met Author: Ana Valenzuela Description: What’s making Mayumi anxious on her best friend’s birthday party? Is it her long time best friend Marie? Marie is now in college, and Mayumi starts to doubt their friendship as Marie meets new people and gets closer to them. Or is it this basketball... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night Thoughts #12

This could be my last Saturday Night Thoughts entry as a 24-year-old. Yes, paniguradong tatamarin na naman akong magsulat ng ganito sa susunod na Sabado. Wala nang bago, `no? Anyway, since topakin ang internet at medyo apathetic pa ako sa mga kaganapan ngayong araw, sasamantalahin ko na. As usual, monotonous pa rin ang takbo ng... Continue Reading →

A Way To Your Love

I thought I could live fully without falling in love But I guess loving someone is a part that we have We only need to control this blazing feeling So that we won’t end up completely falling I’ve walked and walked around to find you But I think you won’t easily make me through For... Continue Reading →

The Kiss Of New Year

Reunion, laughter, and joyful tears Even groups who keep drinking beers It’s a scene everyone wants to look upon From sunset of New Year’s Eve till dawn Also, New Year depicts new beginnings New hopes, aspirations, and yearnings Everything’s new for the two young hearts That found each other after years of being apart It’s... Continue Reading →

January’s Story

It’s the month that started the year And vacation’s end also started to come near A month that will start life again And have my blessings be poured like rain But the story I want to show Is about a love that began to flow A love that started by an accidental touching And destiny... Continue Reading →

A Heavenly Love In A Hell-Like World

Now we’re witnessing a world that suffers Because they didn’t notice one emotion that scatters And as the dark clouds covers the blue sky completely I wonder if we could live it like this totally I almost fell in despair when I was lost For I’ve taken a path where I follow a ghost A... Continue Reading →

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