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The Sunday Currently # 17

It’s a freakin’ cold Sunday and I really hate it. I can’t write faster because of it. And yes, you guessed it (or not)! I’m going to complain about the keyboard again. Apparently, I can’t do anything about it. So I might as well do everything to remain patient about this. Who knows? Maybe something will happen in this coming month of August. Though I must say, this  is the month that I came to dread since I graduated.

It’s the end of the month of July, which means a new life or chances awaits tomorrow. And yes, here we are—or at least I was, totally hating the rain. I haven’t really come to love rainy seasons at all. Seriously. But anyway, I can’t do anything about that one. That’s Mother Nature.

So this Sunday, I’m currently:


Still on C.P. Santi’s “Maybe This Time”, C.S. Lewis’ “Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe”, Jojo Moyes’ “Me Before You”, and I decided to reread Nicholas Sparks’ “The Best Of Me”. Man! I got a lot of pending reads for this week, huh?


The revisions for Lexus’ story “Guia’s Lotus: Be With Me”. Though I really have to complain about this guy’s lack of romantic bone in his body. It really irks me!


To Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds”. But seriously speaking, why am I listening to this song?


Of what will happen to my life now that my birth month will arrive tomorrow. August doesn’t really leave a good memory to me. You know? The kind that will actually leave an impact in my life and the one that will help me dissipate this dislike I have for the month of August.


The scent of salt and vinegar flavor (though for me, it smelled a lot like onion) on my fingers since I ate Pringles that has that flavor which my sister gave to me.


For something good to happen now that August will start tomorrow. Anything good will do.


For my currently evaluated manuscript to have a feedback after almost 3 months of waiting for it.


One of my black BCT shirts and a pair of shorts. Yes, I’m wearing shorts despite the cold weather. Weird me, huh?


The fact that my long wait is over. I forgot to tell you that my first approved manuscript under PHR was finally released last July 27, 2016. This is definitely a date to remember for me.


To finally finish revising Lexus’ story so that I could proceed with revising Yuna’s story next.


A human-sized teddy bear and a lot of jackets and pants. Don’t ask why I suddenly need those.


Cold. Geez! I can’t believe the rainy season had to be this cold and I have to endure it.


On my Facebook account (at least the 2nd one) since I decided to sent friend requests to my previous classmates and schoolmates that I added from my 1st FB account to my 2nd FB account. Wait, does my words here made any sense? I hope so.


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