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The Sunday Currently # 16

It’s 8:45 in the evening. As usual, I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating. And at the moment, I’m also getting worried about my sister. She hadn’t arrived home yet. I hope nothing bad happens to her. She wasn’t supposed to stay out later than 7 PM.

I was just done eating dinner and I couldn’t proceed with typing down the rest of the 5th chapter’s 2nd scene since the keyboard was acting up again. Grr!! I could really destroy it because of frustration. But since I don’t have anything to use as an alternative or even replacement, I’d rather be patient for now and bear with it.

So this Sunday, I’m currently:


My copy of “Once Upon A Player” by Agay Llanera for the Backlist Revival Tour Project, alongside the free copy of C.P. Santi’s “Maybe It’s Time” which I’ve been meaning to read since its release.


The 2nd chapter of “Shrouded Flowers” which is the first book for “Celestial Points” hexalogy. Finally, I’ve started writing this one.


To Mai Kuraki’s “Time After Time” which is one of my favorite Japanese songs. This was used as an ending song to the 7th movie of Detective Conan titled “Crossroads In The Ancient Capital”.


Of how to get away from all these misfortunes. But then, I really know that would be something impossible. You can’t get away from it no matter how hard you try, right?


The remaining coffee in my cup. I always had that habit before I drink it all in one go. Was it weird?


For a miracle. I’ve been doing that for a long time. But I guess this is all I can do, huh?


That at least a few of the fantasies I’ve been thinking lately would happen in reality. Of course, the chances for that to happen is actually slim, if you’d ask me.


The blue printed shirt and the jeans I’ve worn when I went to town a while back.


The potato balls I ate earlier after I ate dinner. My sister really like cooking this type of food, huh?


To finish reading “Once Upon A Player” so that I wouldn’t be late in posting my review for the book.


A few hours more to sleep. It really feels like I haven’t gotten enough sleep at all. Or I think that’s just me.


Tired. More on the emotional side, though. And to think this has nothing to do with romantic relationship despite wishing to have one. Yet I couldn’t help feeling scared to enter into one.


Nothing, even though I want to. Wi-Fi’s acting up again so I couldn’t connect to the internet.


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