#HeistClub Blog Tour: “The Flame Squad: Sly Prince” by Jessica E. Larsen [Review + Giveaway]

Title: The Flame Squad: Sly Prince

Author: Jessica E. Larsen



Blaze Romano’s life has gone exactly according to plan. He managed to get away from his miserable life on the streets of Manila. He won the heart and married Luella, a wealthy heiress of the Mondragon family from Cebu City. There’s just one thing left, kill Luella, and get all that wealth for himself.
Things were going smoothly, but Luella’s half-brother, Cidro’s unexpected return from Spain ruined years of planning. Everything went downhill for Blaze, and he soon found himself in a sticky situation. But as his life flashes before his eyes, someone he least expected appeared in his mind. Luella, the woman who changed his life and started it all.

Ratings: 4/5

My Thoughts:

And so I was done reading this in one day in less than an hour despite the confusion and a little commotion about the review copies. I chose to read this probably because it was short and thankfully, I was able to finish it in less than an hour, as I stated a while back. This was the first time I tried reading crime/mystery stories written by a Filipino. The only crime novels I read would be Nancy Drew. So this genre still appears to be new in my reading list. It’s really cool. Maybe one day, I’d be able to write one. Hopefully, I won’t jumble the details as I tried writing it.

One thing I could say, I wish some of the Spanish conversations and sentences there were translated. Other than that, I had no problems with the story. The one thing that I could say was a little intense for me would be the chase between Blaze and Cidro. Blaze was already injured at that part of the story and he was literally running for his life. Or at least, that’s how I understood it.

As I typed this down, I read that this particular story in the #HeistClub book bundle was a part of #HeistClub: What We Hide. I guess it was a right theme for this story since Blaze has been hiding a lot of things from a lot of people. To his wife Luella, in particular. The same thing goes to Luella, as well. I wasn’t that surprised when I read that she wasn’t completely oblivious to Blaze’s activities and purposes. But she still came to accept him as he was. This is one thing that love can do, eh?

Though short, Blaze’s life before the events in the first chapter was mentioned really well. Not too fast-paced, and not too slow, as well. It deals more on narration since it encompasses years of Blaze’s life before and after encountering Luella who unknowingly changed his life. When people grew up without actually experiencing love, this makes someone unable to recognize it at the start.

Several questions still popped up as I was done reading this, but I think I should keep it to myself for now. Thank you for this story, Jessica Larsen! Maybe next time, I’d have a chance to read some of your other novels.

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About The Author:


Jessica is an author of contemporary romance, YA, NA and Paranormal stories. She’s a hopeless romantic, who will forever be young at heart. She enjoys traveling a lot, drawing inspiration from places she visits and interesting people she encounters. She loves to read and writes in different genres and spends hours arguing with her characters. At times, she likes playing the villain and gives them a taste of hell when they refused to listen to her demands.



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