The Sunday Currently |15|

Hi! It’s me again. I’m trying to keep up posting something like this every week just to update myself of what had happened over the past 7 days. Despite the terribly depressing week, which I tried not to show in every way I can, I’m still here. You know what I mean. I can’t say that it’s boring and all that. But somehow, things had gotten a little bland lately about my life. I know that it’s really hard for me to keep up now with what my life has to offer. Missing a lot of chances, whether intentional or not, did this to me.

I guess that means I only had myself to blame, huh? But I’ll think about that later on. Right now, I got to focus on the things I still want to do despite what happened over the week.

So this Sunday, I’m currently:


The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis and my ARC of Georgette Gonzales’ Classified: A Prologue To Les Dames Des Fleurs which is a part of #HeistClub book bundle.


Besides this Sunday Currently post? None. I mean, after the feedback on Akio’s story came out, all I did was story planning for a new series. That’s why I’m still stuck in Chapter 5 of Hegemon Knight: Everything For This Love.


To Bii’s Taiwanese song “Back In Time” which is a part of the soundtrack of the Taiwanese drama “Bromance”. I was playing this song since this is my LSS for the first book of “Celestial Points” hexalogy that I really want to start writing.


About how my life suddenly turned out like this. I don’t know. I can’t even  tell if it’s regret because of missing out a lot of chances or just plain curiosity as to what my life could be if I’ve been a little more aggressive or passionate enough.


Nothing. I think I’m beginning to suffer symptoms of colds again. Goodness! I really hate this rainy season.


For a good result about my only MS that’s still under evaluation. Gaah! It’s really making me nervous just thinking about it and waiting for it.


For me to realize what I truly want to do in life and how should I pursue it sooner. Even at 24 going on 25, I’m still one heck of a confused person about my true goals.


A white shirt [that’s starting to get dirty] and a blue pants. It’s been a while I’ve worn these pants.


The fact that I’m still inspired and pumped up despite the depressing week. Because of that, I was able to plan the series I really want to work on.


To start writing the first book of “Celestial Points” which is a hexalogy now instead of the original thought of trilogy.


To replace the keyboard on the desktop I used so that I could finally type down the stories and blog post without actually complaining about the keyboard acting up again.


Bushed and slightly drained. Mentally speaking.


On nothing. I turned off my phone for now so that I won’t get distracted with social media since I really have to start writing.

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