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The Sunday Currently |13|

So this is another post for this entry. Well, in case you’re not aware, I’ve written this post first on paper before typing it down and posting it here. My sister was kind of busy watching anime shows saved on our desktop’s hard drive. That’s why I settled writing it this way for now.

Nothing much happened, except that I’ve been trying my best to finish my on-going manuscript before this month ends. Trust me, it’s a struggle. Especially if you really want to write a new one right now but can’t since you have to finish the on-going one first.

So this Sunday, I’m currently:


The first book of The 13th Reality series titled The Journal Of Curious Letters. It was written by James Dashner. And yes, it’s a fantasy. You could also say that it’s a YA… and maybe even a sci-fi. Or not. But to tell you honestly, books with this kind of genre are really something that excites me to read more. Besides selected romance novels, of course.


The 8th chapter of my on-going manuscript. Yes, it’s still the first book of Eirenean Promise mini-series titled You Will Be My Last. My original plan for this was to add a few erotic scenes but certain changes told me that it wasn’t the right time for me to write something like that. And do I have to add about me writing this Sunday Currently entry? I guess I still did, huh?


To Janno Gibbs’s Haven’t Stop Loving You. This song definitely reminded me a lot about my second year high school crush and the one I considered my first love over time. Unfortunately, this isn’t the song I used as LSS for YWBML but to a planned story that will be a part of Love’s Eternal River romance series.


Of how to force myself to be initiative and productive. I’ve been having those thoughts lately since my father really snapped the last straw of my mother’s patience and tolerance towards his attitude. I knew this would happen one day but it still irks me about my father being so stubborn and prideful to a fault.


My hair. Man, I can’t believe the scent of the shampoo I used could be this strong when it wants to. Or I guess I just thought of it that way, huh?


For a miracle. For real! I don’t know. I guess it’s out of desperation and frustration that I would say something like that.


That the other manuscript I passed just this month won’t receive a returned or for revision kind of result/feedback. I would say it’s my only hope for now.


A flared jeans (yes, I’m still wearing it even though it’s already night time and near my bed time) and a red long-sleeved blouse.


The progress I’ve made with my on-going manuscript and how my family is still keeping up despite the financial crisis. I would really love the moment that the miracle I’ve been wishing would come true.


To start writing a new manuscript. Well, this was also a series but a longer one and divided into 6 arcs. It has a total of 27 books. Well, seriously speaking, wish me luck on achieving to finish all 27 books.


To go to a health center or a doctor to have a general check-up. Lately, I think there’s something wrong with my body. I couldn’t pinpoint it yet.


Excited and almost sick. Well, the first was meant for the new series I want to start writing already. As for the second one, I don’t know. Just today, I’ve had a number of near-fainting spells that if I didn’t hold tight onto something, I’d definitely collapse to the ground.


On InstaFreebie’s Twitter account. Still waiting for more free e-books to read.

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