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TLSOTE-Related: Another Thoughts About The Eight Celestial Points

Okay. Since nagkaroon ng medyo malaking pagbabago sa TLSOTE plotlines, especially the names, I might as well do this one.

Sa naunang plano ko sa plotline ng TLSOTE trilogy, the Eight Celestial Points were all locations where the Yasunaga clan leave parts of their treasures to guide the future generations of the clan about the upcoming battles to greet them with regards to the Black Thorns. Ang treasures na iyon ay tinatawag na “Eight Treasures of the Imperial Rose”. May Eight Celestial Points din ang Four Families pero lahat ay located sa Japan. Unlike sa Yasunaga clan na sa Pilipinas lahat nakalagak. Now that a certain change was done in this trilogy, heto ang (hopefully) matinong explanation tungkol sa legend ng Eight Celestial Points sa version na ito.

According to the legend of the Eight Celestial Points, naunang nag-migrate sa Pilipinas ang isa sa direct members ng Yasunaga clan because of a family war. Ang Pilipinas ang nagsilbing kanlungan niya. Pero dahil sa takot na mahanap ng kanyang mga magulang, pinili niyang baguhin ang kanyang apelyido. At the time Otojiro Yasunaga migrated to the Philippines more than 400 years ago, it was already the beginning of the Spanish era. Kaya sa tulong ng kanyang mga kaibigan na sumunod sa kanya na lumipat at magtago sa Pilipinas bilang traders, all of which happened to be members of the regarded clans of martial artists, bumuo sila ng grupong tinatawag na Eight Stars. Each of the people symbolizing the stars managed to find places that would match their designated star among the Polaris and the Big Dipper Constellation. Those stars later formed the Eight Celestial Points.

Ang mga lugar na nakita nilang walo ang nagsilbing hide-out at fortress ng bawat isa sa kanila. But hiding wasn’t enough. They had to keep their identities safe, as well. Naisip nina Hyosuke Utsunomiya, Naohiro Matsumoto, at Seiho  Ashikaga na baguhin ang kani-kanilang mga apelyido. They would all change their surnames to a foreign one for safety purposes and retain their Japanese names to remind them of the country and the clan that they originally came from. The other five people agreed and they even made it a part of their creed.

Otojiro Yasunaga changed his full name to Otojiro Monceda and he became the founder of the Monceda clan. Mitsuharu Shinomiya changed his surname to Terradenio and became Mitsuharu Terradenio, the founder of the Terradenio clan. For Kiyonaga Azuraya, he became Kiyonaga Hagelin after changing his surname and later founded the Hagelin clan. The founder of the Correia clan, Hisayuki Correia, was originally known as Hisayuki Yumemiya. The Eremiah clan was founded by Yoshisada Miyuzaki, who changed his name to Yoshisada Eremiah.

The other three also changed their surnames, as well, but they remained a low profile all this time, unlike the first five founders. Kahit hindi gaanong kilala ang tatlong nag-suggest na baguhin ang kani-kanilang mga apelyido sa history ng Five Great Clans, may malaking bahagi pa rin sila ng legend ng Eight Celestial Points. Hyosuke Utsunomiya became Hyosuke Vaizen after changing his surname and became the instigator of the Seven Lightning Dragon Sword Techniques which later became one of the symbols of the Monceda clan. When the creator of the 14 main Celestial Succession Items Naohiro Matsumoto changed his surname, he became known as Naohiro Kigonia. Seiho Ashikaga also changed his surname and became Seiho Rhoalla who soon became the creator of the five main Flower Stones of the Five Great Clans. These three didn’t become founders of any revered clans at all. But they still became part of the greatest symbols of the Five Great Clans in a way that these three were the instigators of some of the most important items and skills known to the Five Great Clans.

Everything was going well for the eight of them. Until the attack more than a hundred years later to the Monceda clan, leading to the annihilation of nearly the entire clan, soon separated them from the rest from the other members of the Five Great Clans. The Monceda clan disappeared from Casimera Town and hid completely, away from the other clans. The other four clans (Terradenio, Hagelin, Correia, and Eremiah) remained tied together as friends and colleagues despite what happened and didn’t stop looking for the members of the Monceda clan. But as time passed, the existence of the Monceda clan became forgotten because of hopelessness that the clan would still be located. Unknown to them, the four survivors of the attack to the Monceda clan soon formed the four branches of the clan and they became known to a few as the Imperial Rose.

After writing this down, I only thought of one thing. Ang complicated pala ng naging buhay ng mga ito. And I can’t believe I managed to think of a plot like this. I know malaking bahagi ng naisip kong plot na ito ay fiction. Hindi ko pa nga alam kung magagawa kong panindigan ang lahat ng pinagsususulat ko rito. But this is one story plot that really got me excited to the point of fully expanding it to three books and various side story series, and even after-story series. Ganyan ako kaadik sa story na ito. Matatagalan bago ko magawang matapos ito, iyon ang isang bagay na alam ko. But I’ll do my best to finish this—all of it. I might write an English version of each but I’m still unsure about this part.

Anyway, since this is a post about the Eight Celestial Points mentioned and to be mentioned in “The Last Sky Of The Earth” trilogy, itutuloy ko na ang discussion ko kuno tungkol dito. Below is the list of the places under the Eight Celestial Points and which clan/founder became the symbol of each. Pati na rin ang description nila and location according sa legend. By the way, the location (especially the towns) were all the product of my imagination and only existing in fiction.

Aeraven Lake (symbolizes Yoshisada Miyuzaki-Eremiah, the founder of the Eremiah clan) – This was located in the town of Tierra Luna. In the legend, this place was described as “the moonlit mere guarding the will of the four roses”. It was learned later on that near this lake is where the tomb of the Monceda clan’s founders of the four branches lies.

Argatha Forest (symbolizes Hyosuke Utsunomiya-Vaizen, the founder of the Seven Lightning Dragon Sword Techniques) – This was located in the town of Trinidad. In the legend, this place was described as “a shrouded woodland guarding the sword of time”. This is the place where Hyosuke’s tomb was located and where the Iris Sword was originally hidden before Hitoshi found it. This is the sword equivalent to the capability of the Full Moon Sword and only the leader of the Phantom Knights can use it.

Casimera Town (symbolizes Otojiro Yasunaga-Monceda, the founder of the Monceda clan) – This was located and hidden near Aurora in Quezon Province. In the legend, this place was described as “the ethereal haven of the roses guarding the proof of the last king”. This is the place where the Full Moon Sword was hidden. It was the sword that is said to be the proof of the future Monceda clan leader’s authority and legitimacy to lead the clan. This is also where the tomb of the first leader of the Phantom Knights and the twin Ethereal Sky’s cousin, Seinosuke Orusea, was located.

Eirene Tower (symbolizes Hisayuki Yumemiya-Correia, the founder of the Correia clan) – This was located in the town of Visencio. In the legend, this place was described as “the sun-colored stronghold guarding the symbol of the dragon”. This is the place where the Twin Dragon Swords were hidden before Kourin Terradenio found it and also where the tomb of Tsumuji’s twin sister Hanae Lauris, the swords’ creator, was located.

Lorlea Valley (symbolizes Mitsuharu Shinomiya-Terradenio, the founder of the Terradenio clan) – This was located near the town of Vierasol. In the legend, this place was described as “the vale of the golden sunrise guarding the secrets of the sky”. This is where the tomb of the first Ethereal Sky and Hanae’s twin brother, Tsumuji Eltria, was located. This is also where a tablet in which a letter meant for the future Ethereal Sky was carved.

Mt. Cleantha (symbolizes Kiyonaga Azuraya-Hagelin, the founder of the Hagelin clan) – This was located somewhere near the town of San Esteban. In the legend, this place was described as “a majestic summit guarding the stone of the roses’ memories”. Later on, it was learned that this is where the Rose Tablet containing the five leaders’ prophecy was hidden and also where the tomb of Masujiro Monceda (father of the twins Tsumuji Eltria and Hanae Lauris) was located.

Quivira Lighthouse (symbolizes Seiho Ashikaga-Rhoalla, the craftsman who solely created the 14 Celestial Succession Ceremonial Items) – This was located at the seaport in the town of Aldana. In the legend, this place was described as “a guiding star guarding the spirit of the white ocean.” This is where the tomb of the Five Great Clans’ founders were located. Not far from the lighthouse was where Seiho’s tomb lies alongside a scroll which mentions the other items he created before his death to complete the originally 20 Celestial Succession Items.

Shiasena Temple (symbolizes Naohiro Matsumoto-Kigonia, the creator of the Five Great Clans’ respective Flower Stones) – This was located in a hidden part of the town of Lourdes. This was on the other side of the island of Castalia and erected at the heart of the Kusanagi Shrine. In the legend, this place was described as “a sacred sanctuary guarding the passages of hidden history.” This is where an ancient vault containing the secrets hidden in each of the five initially created Flower Stones was placed and also where the tombs of Naohiro and Harukaze Terradenio (mother of the twins Tsumuji Eltria and Hanae Lauris) lies.


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