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My Greatest Regret

I know my love from before
Helped me open a new door
A door wherein my wishes were fulfilled
And a new life I’d be able to build

But time has passed, I don’t know why
Why’d you have to make me cry?
I know I’ve risked everything for love
So why’d you let pain I shall have?

Choices for me to pick are already set
But I didn’t know it’ll be my greatest regret
To end our relationship is my last choice
Even though I know you’re not one of my toys

I couldn’t think of any other way
For me to get rid of this pain away
I know I’ve made the wrong decision
That’s why I couldn’t think of an acceptable reason

Is it jealousy? Is it pain?
Why am I standing in the rain?
I can’t believe I let myself suffer for long
And I really have to bring it along

I just can’t stand it anymore
But my heart seemed to be destined to suffer more
Now, I feel the rain of aches that makes me wet
For I know the decision I’ve made was my greatest regret


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