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Will There Be A Second Chance?

Oh, pain, why can’t you let me go?
Why’d you let my heart freeze in the snow?
He’s the person I know I should really forget
But how come I still feel the regret?

I don’t know if there’ll be a second chance
When you already heard the clock’s chime
Feelings of mine for you that I can’t get rid
Despite the things that you just did

Each morning, I just want to mourn
Ever since this unbearable pain was born
I’m asking why can’t you love me
The way that I really want to be

I can’t say there will be another chance
To awaken me from this nightmarish trance
`Coz I couldn’t take the pain anymore
That’s slowly devouring my heart’s core

I really want to let my feelings prance
Just to be able to have a second chance
`Coz when the day I did that thing
It’s when the day winter turned to spring


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