A R-18 Story Idea

…and I have no clue as to where I got this.

Ewan ko ba. Medyo nagulat din ako sa sarili ko kasi hindi naman normal sa akin ang mag-isip ng ganitong klaseng story plot, eh. Oo na. Weird na ako kung weird. Pero hindi ko mapigilan, eh. But anyway, since nandito naman na ito, eh `di go na lang. Ewan ko nga lang kung kailan ko masisimulan. So I decided to write the idea down para naman hindi ko makalimutan. But if someone would actually decide to adopt this story idea for me in case I forgot about this, just comment below. Okay?

Here’s the story idea:

What if there was a world separated from, but still looks like the real one? What if this world was something you never expected? Where sex is just an everyday act and done freely anytime, anywhere? One girl was able to find this world on her own by accident. Though she once envisioned herself having sex, she never thought she would actually find herself doing the act in that world. And it felt like it wasn’t her first time. There wasn’t any pain at all, just pleasure she never thought she’d feel. There was one man there who gave her that intense pleasure. Each and every time she was going in that world, that man was there to give her that.

But that world wasn’t meant to last. On their last night, she confessed her feelings which she had hidden all this time while they were doing that one last act of conjoining. The feelings were reciprocated, but they knew it wasn’t meant to be. They lived a far different lives outside of that realm. After that, they’d be able to forget that world and even their feelings for each other.

Now that the realm disappeared for good, just as the man said, they’d forgotten each other. But one spark will trigger everything. One short meeting will rekindle that forgotten feeling and remember the forgotten past. Yet can they finally have the happy ever after they’ve desperately wished for outside of their beloved realm if in reality, they are worlds apart?


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