The Sunday Currently |13|

So this is another post for this entry. Well, in case you’re not aware, I’ve written this post first on paper before typing it down and posting it here. My sister was kind of busy watching anime shows saved on our desktop’s hard drive. That’s why I settled writing it this way for now. Nothing... Continue Reading →


The Sunday Currently |12|

So when was the last time I wrote something like this? I can’t remember at all. Urgh! I’ve been busy—or at least my mind was for the past weeks. Yes, I haven’t written a Sunday Currently post for weeks. I don’t want to count because it only irks me. It also reminds me of a... Continue Reading →

Keep Waiting For Love

I’m stuck in a wall of clear glass Connected together so I can’t pass I’m inside of it, watching outside Always missing out the life’s ride But when you came to my life I felt like I’m a saved wife Being battered and had endured enough From a husband that beats so tough I’ve waited... Continue Reading →

My Greatest Regret

I know my love from before Helped me open a new door A door wherein my wishes were fulfilled And a new life I’d be able to build But time has passed, I don’t know why Why’d you have to make me cry? I know I’ve risked everything for love So why’d you let pain... Continue Reading →

Will There Be A Second Chance?

Oh, pain, why can’t you let me go? Why’d you let my heart freeze in the snow? He’s the person I know I should really forget But how come I still feel the regret? I don’t know if there’ll be a second chance When you already heard the clock’s chime Feelings of mine for you... Continue Reading →

A R-18 Story Idea

...and I have no clue as to where I got this. Ewan ko ba. Medyo nagulat din ako sa sarili ko kasi hindi naman normal sa akin ang mag-isip ng ganitong klaseng story plot, eh. Oo na. Weird na ako kung weird. Pero hindi ko mapigilan, eh. But anyway, since nandito naman na ito, eh... Continue Reading →

An Answered Prayer

Every night, before I go to sleep There’s one wish that I always keep And I usually pray for this wish to come true But I don’t know if I’ll see a clue How will I know if it was answered? `Coz every time, I only see things blurred So every night, I talk to... Continue Reading →

Help Me Fall For You

The last time I fell in love There's one thing I couldn't have It's the courage to say I love you And to prove how much I really do So now, I'm scared to love again After years of suffering in pain There's no one here to help me through So please, help me fall... Continue Reading →

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