April 2

It was truly a fine afternoon
At least, I don’t mind the scorching heat that day
I just kept on walking the usual pace
As I let my mind travel in search for inspiration
Not knowing that, near my alma mater
I would encounter you after about a decade
And it happened on that unknowing April 2

An ordinary day, that’s how I initially greeted it
And a plan for an early birthday celebration was set
I did my job as a “dutiful” older sister
I wasn’t particularly thinking about you
Just like how I did in the past
At least, not as frequent as I do now
After our paths crossed that one April 2

I want to hate you, to be honest
I don’t want to frequently think of you again
I don’t mind the occasional ones, though
Since I know it would just come and pass me by
It was just a short encounter, anyway
That happened one afternoon on April 2
But the thoughts I had after that seemed to linger
Much longer than usual

I’m recalling it now as I write this
As questions were left stuck in my head since then
What in the world happened to me after that?
What did I feel after seeing you again like that?
Did I become numb and unfeeling after that short moment?
Or could it be that the feelings I had for you back then
Disappeared in time before I realized it?

I just smiled, chuckled and shook my head
It was just a short moment, I keep on saying
But it sure stayed in my mind much longer than the others
What in the world is happening to me?
Why can’t I forget that one moment?
I’m not sure if I wished for this moment once before
One thing I knew, I was left wondering

How could a single moment that happened in April 2
Made me think of my feelings for you again?
Was it still there?
I don’t know, to be honest
But I think it’s the truth
That would leave me pondering about you again
For more years to come


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