Book Review For #FilipinoFriday: “Fall Like Rain” by Ana Tejano

Title: Fall Like Rain

Author: Ana Tejano


Rain De Castro has been in love with her best friend, Mark Velasco, for almost the entire time she has known him, but she’s clearly in the friend zone because he’s happily in a relationship. Or so she thought, until the news of his break-up reaches her. Now that Mark’s single again, she decides that it’s time to step out of the zone. But when her cousin Lissa comes into the picture and sets her eyes on Mark, Rain feels troubled when he gets a little too friendly with her. Rain is determined to fight for what she feels this time, but is it worth the effort if it’s a losing battle from the start? Will she back off to give way for her best friend’s happiness, even if it means losing him to someone else again?

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My Thoughts:

I squealed and giggled (at least in my mind) when I finally got the chance to read this story. I know, it was a weird reaction coming from me. I can’t help it. I’ve been wanting to read this ever since I listened to a podcast of this featuring an excerpt of it from the #RomanceClass Podcast’s Youtube Channel. And now, I learned that they got it from the fifth chapter of the book,

This would be my fourth post for #FilipinoFriday project by Ms. April (@iambinibini in Twitter and Instagram). And I’m truly glad I got to read and review this story. Though I know it’s also April Fool’s Day today, what I’ve written here was nothing sort of a joke. They were all true, even those remarks showing my violent tendencies for fictional characters. Hehe! Besides, I don’t really like April Fool’s Day. They just made me cranky—for real!

I don’t know much about the impact of being in a friendzone, although I’ve been there before. A lot of times, actually. But probably because those guys I actually had a crush on (and one that I really fell in love with, for real) weren’t that close to me. We didn’t become like Rain and Mark who became best friends. Those things happened during my high school days, anyway. I didn’t experience something similar during college because I became too focused on trying to finish my course. But that’s not the real issue here. Reading Rain and Mark’s story truly brought out a lot of feels in me. The way the author narrated Rain’s POV was just simple and yet amazing at the same time. I could easily visualize everything in my head.

Though I must admit, at some point, I got a little frustrated about Rain’s overthinking blues (if there was such a phrase existing). Believe me, I nearly wanted to yell at her for being hardheaded and an overthinker, as well. But she’s still a lovable character and a completely relatable one to me since her personality and characteristics were almost the same as mine. I know what it was like to be someone who could be a little uncaring (sorry for the word used) about her surroundings and even relatives. But gladly for her, she was able to resolve it. Unlike me, until now.

Mark could really give off a mysterious vibe when he wanted to, seriously speaking. But he was definitely a guy friend material that I wished I had ever since. He was really cool, if you ask me. And he was the one I got sympathetic with, especially the time when he wanted to talk to Rain after the incident. In fact, I think that was also the part where I teared up a little when I was reading it. Then again, I guess it’s just me being weird.

I like the other characters in the story, like Rain’s friends and relatives introduced here. The most noticeable ones for me to like were Faith, Meah, Cams, and Lissa. Yes, even Lissa, though she initially appeared to me as a spoiled brat. She just gave off that kind of impression, though. But Francis was in a completely unlikable category. He was like Jason from Addie Lyn Co’s “Forget Me Not”, only a lot worse. And I think he still doesn’t want to repent for what he did just to manipulate Rain and made her overthinking blues go to an overdrive, making it worse than it ever was. Believe me, I wanted to strangle him on that part.

Anyway, since this is a romance, I was really glad they finally (stressing that word out for emphasis) got their happy ending after all that walking around in circles for a totally long time. I hope I could read another of Ana Tejano’s book (if there’s another that will hopefully follow soon) that was truly lighthearted as this one. I love lighthearted stories, even though I write ones that are quite dramatic.

About The Author:

Ana Tejano has been in love with words and writing ever since she met Elizabeth Wakefield when she was in Grade 3. She has contributed several non-fiction pieces in print and online publications, and has been blogging for years. When she’s not writing, she works as a marketing lead for a multinational company by day, manages a book club, and serves in her church community in every other time that she doesn’t spend reading or sleeping. She lives in Metro Manila and is also known by another name in her other circles (but it’s not a secret identity, really).


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