Random Thoughts And Contemplations · Story And Writing Plans


Okay, so I ended up deciding on something with regards to “The Last Sky Of The Earth” trilogy. Of course, itutuloy ko pa rin iyon. Pero pansin ko lang, major editing yata ang mangyayari doon. I might focus on three POVs only (Seiichi, Kourin, and Raiden) kapag itinuloy ko ang desisyon kong i-overhaul iyon. Matrabaho, oo. Pero kung gusto ko talagang matapos iyon, kailangan kong gawin. The story will be told in those three characters’ perception. I might even write it in 1st person POV.

For now, I decided to unpublish it from Wattpad. It’s still there. I just want to write it the way that it won’t be hard for me. Ayokong iwan ang story na ito dahil lang hindi ko magawang i-update nang maayos.


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