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The Sunday Currently |11|

Okay. Yes, I know. I missed another Sunday that I was supposed to post something like this. I got busy with other stuffs, that’s why I forgot writing something like this. But thankfully, I got another chance to write another volume of this blog post. I haven’t been posting my Saturday Night Thoughts blog post for how many Saturdays now. So I don’t want to miss another Sunday Currently blog post.

Well, at least I can say that the past two weeks had been pretty okay to me. And yes, I finally got the feedback for my manuscript that had been under evaluation for almost a month and a half. I got a revision. At least, it’s close to being approved, right? I just need to revise it using the pointers they gave me. Hopefully, when I’m done and I submitted it again, it won’t be returned to me.

It’s a cold February here in Baguio, I must say. But that doesn’t actually stop me from writing more stories as soon as I’m done with one. And I started joining blog tours. Well, I just joined one for now. But I participated in Ms. April’s little project called #FilipinoFriday that aims to support English novels authored by Filipino writers. And I like it, to be honest. I already posted two of the book reviews for #FilipinoFriday and I hope if you have time, you can read it. Who knows? Maybe it’ll spark your interest and will make you purchase those books one day.

So this Sunday, I’m currently:


The ARC of Jay E. Tria’s “Songs To Get Over You” which is an English novella and the sequel to her other novella titled “Songs Of Our Break-up”. This is the book that I need to write a review on as a participation to the blog tour I was talking about. I will be posting the book review for this one on March 1 since that’s the date they gave me along with other two readers/reviewers.


Chapter 38 of my Filipino Wattpad story “The Last Sky Of The Earth: The Hunt For The Dark Rose”. Man, I really need to update that story so that I could already proceed with TLSOTE’s Book 2 and 3. Then there’s Chapter 1 for my new Prince of Tennis fanfiction “Unveiled Love In Autumn” and there’s also the first chapter for the new manuscript I’m working on (“You Will Be My Last”) which features a character from TLSOTE Book 3 that I haven’t even written yet.


To “Tears” by Taniyama Kishou. I really like his voice here. Well, I first learned that this was supposed to be one of Tsukimori Len’s character song in La Corda d’Oro before I found out who actually sang it. Weird me, right?


About a lot of things since the issue about me not doing anything to find a job was brought up again. I don’t want to rant about it since I’m sure if I won’t be able to restrain myself, I might say something that I would end up regretting later.


The lingering scent of tinapang bangus (smoked milkfish) since that’s what I cooked for dinner together with ginataang hipon.


For those people who will never understand my sentiments finally give me a chance to chase the dream that I really want for myself. I already did what they want, even though they would still notice what I haven’t done and not what I’ve done. They notice my mistakes, not my efforts. Chasing after the dream they never helped me fulfill before—was it too much for me to ask to them? (No, this isn’t a dramatic post. I’m just stating the truth—for real. One that I kept in my heart for a long time.)


For me to be able to write as many manuscript as I can in one month so that I would be able to finish all my writing plans. Trust me, there’s a lot of them.


Something that would somehow quell the gnawing cold weather. Sheeshh! When will this cold February finally end? I can’t even work faster the way I want to.


Detective Conan once again. I watched previous episodes again when I can’t concentrate on my writings. And now, I also like the new Super Sentai series succeeding Shuriken Sentai Ninninger This time, it’s animal-themed with the title Doubutsu Sentai Jyuohger.


To be able to write a Super Sentai story and actually have a chance to show it to the world. But then, I also need to finish writing tha first before anything else.


Inspiration and drive to write more.


Stressed about the job hunting issue that they brought up again. I really get irritated with that every time. Why can’t they just understand? I’m not fit to work on the field or even in an office. Every time, I failed in doing the task.


For some ePub books online since I just got an ePub reader on my Android phone. It’s pretty cool, to be honest. And I like it very much. Yes, I know. Outdated much!

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