Eight Celestial Points

Okay… So for now, I’m still typing down the second scene of TLSOTE’s Hunt 38. At this point, though, nag-report na si Tetsuya kay Mamoru tungkol sa mga natuklasan niya sa bayan ng Casimera. As I’ve previously mentioned in the other TLSOTE chapters, isa ang Casimera–particularly ang templo roon–sa kabilang sa Eight Celestial Points ng Yasunaga clan sa Pilipinas. But in the story, the exact names and locations of each point weren’t explicitly mentioned. In fact, medyo vague pa ang pagkaka-describe sa mga ito.

Lahat ng descriptions ng Eight Celestial Points, nakaukit sa templo sa Casimera na pinasabog nga lang ng Dark Rose. At dahil pinasabog ang templo, nasira rin ang pinag-ukitan ng mga descriptions na iyon. That is, until Akira found a way to combine the broken codes and descriptions together again.

EIGHT CELESTIAL POINTS and its descriptions:

1. Aeraven Lake – The moonlit mere guarding the will of the four roses.
2. Argatha Forest – A shrouded woodlands guarding the sword of time.
3. Eirene Tower – The sun-colored stronghold guarding the symbol of the dragon.
4. Lorlea Valley – The valley of the golden sunrise guarding the secrets of the sky.
5. Mt. Cleantha – A majestic summit guarding the stone of memories.
6. Quivira Lighthouse – A guiding light guarding the spirit of the white ocean.
7. Shiasena Temple – A sacred temple guarding the passages of hidden history.
8. Town of Casimera – The ethereal haven of the roses guarding the proofs of the last king.

Honestly speaking, ito ang napapala ng walang maisip gawin kapag hindi makapagsulat.


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