Book Review For #FilipinoFriday: “Forget Me Not” by Addie Lynn Co

Title: Forget Me Not

Author: Addie Lynn Co


Rianne has lost her memories of the past two years due to an accident, but letters from a mysterious “Sparks”—found in a pile of unread mail at home—have been helping her cope. The letters tell her of a couple’s love story, making her hope to find the same unconditional love someday.

Rebuilding her life has been a mess though: her guy best friend is claiming to have been her boyfriend that time, but she seems more at ease with a mysterious stranger. Does she trust the past she can’t remember, or take a chance with a more uncertain future?

Can your heart also forget what your mind could not remember?

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My Thoughts:

Woohoo! I’ve finally finished writing my first post for #FilipinoFriday which first I learned from Ms. April specifically from Twitter. This is my participation (like most local authors and readers had done) as a reader and a first time reviewer to boost their support for Filipino-authored English novels for this 2016 which is one of their projects to help Filipino writers get their works be known to many.

Thank you, Ms. April (@iambinibini on Instagram and Twitter and seasuras on Facebook), for the review copy of this book. At least at this point, I finally read one of the books from that truly got my interest. Because of this, of course, it made me able to write my first book review for an English novel. I learned a lot from this novel after reading it, mostly about things that will help me write my first English novel someday soon.

Okay. The reason why I chose this book for me to read for #FilipinoFriday was because of the cover design, aside from the story description, of course. It got me intrigued as to why the design was like that. As I read the story along, it soon dawned to me and made me nod as I muttered “so that’s why it was designed as such.” It made me smile, to be honest. It’s because of that scene where the sky lanterns appeared had the characters truly lost themselves to the moment and just let it all out. Or at least that was what happened in Rianne’s case.

I like the idea of incorporating love letter writing in this book, especially if it actually told how a certain love story went, hoping that it would somehow jog Rianne’s memories or at least help her in any way. Of course, I could feel in each of the letter written for her—even though Rianne doesn’t really know that yet until the 3rd quarter of the book—that Sparks was really there waiting for her to remember everything. Waiting for her to come back. Every time I could see the words “forget me not” in the letter, it was as if Sparks was begging for her to actually do that. This “love letter writing” idea was really something worth retelling to their children over and over. How I loved receiving one like this from my chosen one someday.

Honestly speaking, I like all the characters in the story. Okay, let me change that. I LOVE all the characters, especially Ralph. Yes, he was the one who came in first. Rianne was second. Yssa was on the third spot and Jason on the fourth.

Well, you can’t blame me if I put Jason on the last. I mean, I really want to spank him real hard because of lying like that just to have a chance in Rianne’s heart. Grrr! Yes, I know he’s in love with her for a long time, but heck! Does he really have to do that? Thankfully, he realized his mistakes even though it was already late and it caused quite a damage to all of them.

As for Yssa, I like her quirkiness and sometimes blunt attitude. She really is a best friend material that I would love to have—maybe sooner or later. She would be willing to support her friends as long as she could do it but if she knew one of her friends was in the wrong, nothing could stop her to help that friend make everything right again. I really hope there’s a story for Yssa. Her monologue at the Epilogue indicated how much she had sacrificed her own feelings even though it would hurt her so. Maybe one day… she would have her own story. Hopefully, it’s one with a happy ending.

The reason why I love Rianne’s character here was because she wasn’t afraid to let out her frustration (at least as the story progresses) to the point of bursting it all out even in front of a stranger she felt comfortable with. My heart sometimes went to her, especially when she’s completely confused and scared. I like her childlike naivete that usually show whenever she was feeling the nature or watching a beautiful view. I wasn’t too much informed about amnesia and its timelines for a certain individual to recover from it. But at first, it truly got confused as to why only two years of memories with her boyfriend in it were taken from her mind by that accident. It even made me think that she had been through something painful because of him that she unconsciously wished that she should have forgotten him. `Turned out it wasn’t like that at all. But then, you’ll never know how amnesia truly works.

I so love Ralph in this story, especially all the efforts he did just to remain with Rianne even though it’s truly hard for him. More often than not, my heart goes for him as he tried to appear strong whenever they were together but she couldn’t remember him or anything they’ve done together for the two years of their lives together. There was an instance—or maybe two—in the book where I actually cried (just a little) because of his truly frustrating situation and when he finally decided to give up. It made me want to hug him so that I could comfort him somehow. Weird of me, I imagined him as someone who wasn’t all too handsome, but definitely someone lovable. A truly lovable guy who would go through all that effort and time just to prove to the one he loves for the second time how much he loves her. Of course, that only made me wish I could one day (whenever that is) find a guy who would love me that much and more.

What the mind can’t remember, the heart will. The mind stores the images, the heart keeps the feelings and emotions. I think that’s the reason why, even though Rianne’s mind couldn’t fully recall what happened, she said that she knew the feeling that those memories held. It was her heart that made her remember, even though they were just feelings.

Because of this book, it made me realize that the heart truly has an unimaginable force to be reckoned with.


About The Author:

Addie Lynn Co has been writing romance since she was in the sixth grade. Although her first story was a disaster, she still keeps on writing whenever inspiration comes to her. Addie has self-published two novels: Hello: A Trilogy and Forget Me Not which were written for #romanceclass. Both are available as e-books and paperbacks.

When she’s not daydreaming about meet cutes for her stories, she is travelling or playing with her dog or enjoying a good book. Get updates for her on Facebook ( or send her a tweet on Twitter @onceuponanaddie. Read more of her works on her Wattpad space (


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