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This Has Truly Bothers Me…

“You’re such a worthless woman!”

“You’re just a woman who doesn’t know anything!”

These are the two sentences that bothered my mind for quite some time now. It’s making me crazy, I must say that. It really degrades me even though these are the words that one of my characters would say to the person he hates. Now I couldn’t help thinking. Am I really like this? Am I really someone who doesn’t know anything?

I’m naive, yes. Even at my current age of 24, I’m still someone who practically “lives under the rock”. Or as I’d like to call myself–a hermit. I’m quite contented being confined in my own world inside my head. I guess that’s one reason I never got to grow. I’m always scared of facing the world on my own.

For now, I’m truly clueless as to what I need to do. Even when people tell me what should I do, it seems that I can’t find myself having the guts and the drive to actually go through it.

Seriously speaking, I hate it. Only because it just proved, in some ways, that those words mentioned above were all true…


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