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The Sunday Currently |10|

Okay, so I missed another Saturday Night Thoughts blog post (that was supposed to be posted yesterday). But that doesn’t mean I’m going to forget writing this one. Not much had happened over the week, if that’s what you’re going to ask me. I’m still waiting… and waiting… and waiting for something to happen. And it did.

At least on the part about my very first approved manuscript last October 2014. It would be released soon. In fact, http://www.ebookware.ph already posted it as part of its advance release in e-book format. And… I finally have a penname—an official one under My Special Valentine. So many feels about that, to be honest.

As for the other one I’ve been waiting for (okay, make that two), na-dah! So I really need to stretch my patience on those two if I want to acquire the result, whether positive or negative.

So this Sunday, I’m currently:


English translated lyrics of some Korean ballads from popgasa.com for me to know if that particular song would be great as a theme song for my planned stories.


Last three chapters of “Yuna’s Tulip: Believe In Me”. I’m also thinking of writing the teaser for Akio Hagiwara’s upcoming story “You Will Be My Last”, which I’m planning on passing to Bookware once I’m done writing the whole manuscript. Of course, that’s beside this Sunday Currently entry.


To a Korean ballad by Page titled “Live In The Love/Live For Love” which was one of the OST from “Jang Ok Jung: Live For Love”.


Of how to finish Yuna’s story if my mind is already pressing me to start writing Akio’s story. I really hate it when I have so many story ideas running in my mind.


My coffee as I drink it.


For Guia’s story that is still under PHR editorial’s evaluation to be approved. It’ll be a perfect gift for me this coming Valentine’s Day, to be honest. I won’t care if I don’t have a love life yet. Just let this story be approved, please!


For something good to happen this coming week. Well, I already know what I was hoping for. No need to completely elaborate it. And no, it’s not love life. Besides, how would a “hermit” like me have a love life, anyway? Hehe!


All gray, from sweater to pants to socks. What can I say? It’s still cold out here. And my head hurts because of it.


The fact that my first approved manuscript will be published soon.


For my Wattpad readers (if I have some besides Yasha Red Weasley/Sharmaine Light) to buy my first published book under MSV once its paperback form is released.


A stock of coffee. Seriously, it seems I can’t live a day without drinking at least a cup of it.


Esctatic over a lot of things.


On a few links on Twitter with regards to the #FilipinoFriday posts dedicated for Filipino authors writing in English.

Join the Sunday Currently link-up by Sidda Thorton


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