Wattpad Story Review: “Paper Planes Back Home” By taratriestowrite

Title: Paper Planes Back Home Writer’s Username: taratriestowrite Description: When Gianna wakes up on a cloud, she is disoriented yet fascinated. She thinks she’s only dreaming until she gets a storm of paper planes. “They’re thoughts of people who remember,” a man on another cloud tells her—each pleading her not to leave. The man tells her these... Continue Reading →


The Sunday Currently |11|

Okay. Yes, I know. I missed another Sunday that I was supposed to post something like this. I got busy with other stuffs, that’s why I forgot writing something like this. But thankfully, I got another chance to write another volume of this blog post. I haven’t been posting my Saturday Night Thoughts blog post... Continue Reading →

Eight Celestial Points

Okay… So for now, I’m still typing down the second scene of TLSOTE’s Hunt 38. At this point, though, nag-report na si Tetsuya kay Mamoru tungkol sa mga natuklasan niya sa bayan ng Casimera. As I’ve previously mentioned in the other TLSOTE chapters, isa ang Casimera–particularly ang templo roon–sa kabilang sa Eight Celestial Points ng... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently |10|

Okay, so I missed another Saturday Night Thoughts blog post (that was supposed to be posted yesterday). But that doesn’t mean I’m going to forget writing this one. Not much had happened over the week, if that’s what you’re going to ask me. I’m still waiting… and waiting… and waiting for something to happen. And... Continue Reading →

This Has Truly Bothers Me…

“You’re such a worthless woman!” “You’re just a woman who doesn’t know anything!” These are the two sentences that bothered my mind for quite some time now. It’s making me crazy, I must say that. It really degrades me even though these are the words that one of my characters would say to the person... Continue Reading →

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