The Sunday Currently |9|

And just like what happened to my Saturday Night Thoughts post, I ended up skipping two Sundays on this one. Sorry for that. I’ve been busy doing my writings, to be honest. And then the desktop I’ve been using crashed, which truly irked me. Thank goodness, I managed to find a way to fix it. So today is the last day of January. How time flies fast, huh? I can’t believe it’s already a month since the start of 2016.

I haven’t seen much progress over my life since I’ve decided to remain a hermit as I tried to finish my pending manuscripts that I’ll be passing to a publishing house and updates for my Wattpad stories. And seriously speaking, it doesn’t really have a good effect on me, especially if the weather here is totally enough to give me a headache, literally. The weather’s cold here in Baguio, by the way. It’s already a usual scenario, and the usual coldest months here starts in January and ends in February. Just this month, the lowest temperature recorded here was 6.3 degrees Celsius. Trust me, that’s enough to give me a headache in more than one occasion.

And when I take a bath, it’s like I’m taking an ice bucket challenge because of the cold water. Brrr!! But then, that’s just me complaining about the cold weather even though I was born and raised here. So you might not as well pay attention to that.

So this Sunday, I’m currently:


A Filipino Wattpad story “Seventh Sense” by purpleyhan, which is the prequel of “Tantei High”. Somehow, I got intrigued about the tweets I read about Seventh Sense so I ended up reading it, only to be reminded that I should read Tantei High first for me to understand the story. And so I did. I’m really happy that the anime “Detective Conan” really inspired the author to write this story.


Chapter 6 of one of my pending manuscripts “Yuna’s Tulip: Believe In Me” which I’ll be passing to a publishing house once I’m done writing and proofreading it. Of course, that’s beside writing this 9th Sunday Currently post.


A Korean song titled “Only With My Heart” by Lena Park. Recently, I’ve been listening to sad ballads in Korean and Japanese, which I considered really weird of me somehow.


Of how I’d be able to finish writing the stories I’ve posted on Wattpad and of course, that includes my planned stories to be passed to a publishing house. Urgh! The struggles of a writer.


My right hand every time I stopped typing for a few moments. It actually still has leftover calamansi scent on it, that’s why. I don’t know why I love citrusy scents on my hands.


For my manuscript “Guia’s Lotus: Be With Me” which is still under evaluation to be approved.


That my wish would come true about my currently evaluated manuscript. That’ll give me a head start on my writing goals this year.


A blue sweater and gray pants. I hate it when the weather gets cold like this.


The fact that I’m inspired to write two of the romance stories under “The Last Sky Of The Earth” side stories. But I’ll only be able to do that once I’m done writing TLSOTE trilogy.


To buy more pocketbooks to be read in the future, especially those stories from the authors I admire.


Pocket money for me to buy the pocketbooks that I want to buy. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if it’ll come true soon.


Sleepy, but my mind’s still hyped up to continue finishing my manuscript’s Chapter 6. At least, I need to finish that chapter tonight. I’ll try.


On my Twitter accounts and reading a few random tweets from those I followed. Mostly from the indie Filipino romance authors.

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