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The Sunday Currently |8|

So this will be my first Sunday Currently entry for the year 2016. Happy New Year, everyone! It’s already been three days that passed since the last day of 2015. I’m not really sure how I greeted the New Year, though. But I’d like to say I was quite neutral about it. I want to allow the good vibes to enter. Yet somehow, I guess some bad vibes could really find a way to penetrate you.

And I’m hating it, to be honest.

So this Sunday, I’m currently:


Profiles of some Korean artists that got my interest recently. This is the result of watching some Korean dramas that had also caught my interest since last year.


Outlines of scenes for a new manuscript I’ll be working on titled “Yuna’s Tulip: Believe In Me” which is the fourth book of Imperial Flowers Series and this eight Sunday Currently entry. Weird because I was supposed to do outlines for the third book that has the title “Kresna’s Daffodil: Meant For Me” first rather than the fourth book.


To “Aking Hiling” by 3rd Avenue even though my mind kept on replaying Kim Jaejoong’s version of “Hitomi Wo Tojite (I Close My Eyes)”


Of how to proceed with finally starting my manuscript if I’m like this—sick and couldn’t find the drive to start writing it.


The leftover scent of the homemade pizza on my right hand. Since when did tomato sauce had that strong scent, anyway?


For the day to come that the novels I’m writing and will be writing in the future will gain local and international recognition. Weird wish, huh?


For some sort of miracle to happen for me to have a love life this year.


Sleeveless top underneath a gray sweater, a blue velvet pants, and gray socks.


The events I’m imagining that I know would never happen—unless a miracle will happen for all of those imaginings to come true.


To start writing my very first romance story (still unsure if it would be a young adult or a contemporary romance) in English.


The full drive to proceed with all of my writing plans that I liked to finish since last year.


Sick. Urgh! I hate this. I’ve been like this since the last week of December last year.


On the Youtube video of the OST of “Splash Splash Love” titled “Splash To You” by Remi. I really love that one-act drama, even that song.

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