Saturday Night Thoughts #9

Oh, right. It’s Saturday today. And here I am, completely forgetting about it. I know I haven’t written any Saturday Night Thoughts entry for two consecutive Saturdays already after the one I posted on the first Saturday of the year. And now I just noticed that I wrote the word “Saturday” three times in one... Continue Reading →


The Sunday Currently |9|

And just like what happened to my Saturday Night Thoughts post, I ended up skipping two Sundays on this one. Sorry for that. I’ve been busy doing my writings, to be honest. And then the desktop I’ve been using crashed, which truly irked me. Thank goodness, I managed to find a way to fix it.... Continue Reading →

11:02 PM

What's with the title? That's the time I'm typing this down. I don't know. I just want to put some random thoughts here since I haven't done that in quite a long time. Sorry. I've been busy figuring out how to finally get myself together to write and write in order for me to achieve... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently |8|

So this will be my first Sunday Currently entry for the year 2016. Happy New Year, everyone! It’s already been three days that passed since the last day of 2015. I’m not really sure how I greeted the New Year, though. But I’d like to say I was quite neutral about it. I want to... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night Thoughts #8

It’s Saturday and this will be my first Saturday Night Thoughts entry for 2016. I can’t believe it’s already two days since the last day of 2015. It’s nearly 10 pm and here I am writing this while researching for Asian shows and movies to download from my mobile phone. Well, this is better than... Continue Reading →

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