Saturday Night Thoughts #7

Finally! I’m able to write this one after skipping it for how many weeks already. Okay… it’s not that long, right? I only skipped writing this for a week or two. See, I wasn’t even sure.

As usual, my head hurts at the moment. But not because of stress or anything related to that. It’s about the weather. December always makes me feel like this. I can’t do anything about it. Unless I forced myself to change my habit, then I won’t be able to prevent myself from getting sick like this.

It’s December 26 today—err… I mean tonight. Six more days to go and it’ll be goodbye 2015. I’m not sure if it’s a good year for me or not. I want to recall the good things that had happened. But most of the time, the bad ones overshadowed them. And honestly, it’s making my head hurts even more. But I want to be thankful for keeping me alive and with my family all year. Even though our relationship to my father had gone worse than last year, I could say that at least I still got my mother and my three sisters.

No love life for me for the past year. There’s no surprise about that. I wasn’t wishing for it, though. But I can’t say if I’d be able to do it again next year. The year 2015 made me realize that, more often, I’ve been fickle-minded. I hate it, to be honest. And I guess that made my head hurts even more. So I guess, by next year, I’ll try my best to change that. Hopefully, I’d be able to.

Seriously, for someone who had skipped writing this post for about two weeks or so, this post indicating my return to writing a Saturday Night Thoughts entry was pretty short. This is getting crazy.


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