[#RomanceClass Podcast] Episode 3 (Blast From Two Pasts by Kristel S. Villar – Excerpt)

Yes! They’ve finally posted it. Thank you for that. So I guess this means the postings for the podcast would be every Saturday until they finally covered the entire season, right? At least I need to be aware of that. But you know what? This was one of the reasons that made me feel excited for Saturdays to come.

Even though the postings were just excerpts from the books, it actually made me anticipate the feels that it would give me as I listen to each podcast episode. I’m not sure how the authors would react to this post once they read it. If ever they’d read it, of course. But even though I couldn’t buy each book for the time being since I don’t have that much money to purchase at least one or two of them, at least I want to let them know that I truly enjoy listening to their novels’ reading. It doesn’t matter if it’s just an excerpt. They’re all beautiful, at least I can tell that.

This time, the excerpt was a reading from “Blast From Two Pasts” written by Kristel S. Villar. Honestly speaking, from the title itself, it seems like two guys will be involved in the lead girl’s life. I’m not sure. That’s my initial thought about the book’s title. And when I read the book teaser (after Google-ing it, of course), I was right. Both guys had been a part of Cara’s life and now both are involved in her journey to know who to choose between the two guys from her past suddenly showing up.

This particular podcast was about Cara’s moment with Lucas at the amusement park. As I listened to it, though, not only did it remind me of a crush/first love of mine when I was in high school but it also made me recall my first (and would probably be my last) visit at the Enchanted Kingdom last February 7, 2014 as the last stop for our IT department’s field trip back in college. Those had been just memories to me now, but it appeared that they were still ingrained in my mind. And just like Cara, my memories about my first love when I was in high school were already a decade old. Well, Cara’s were more of five years ahead since Rachel Coates read it as “a decade and a half”—which means 15 years, right? It’s a pretty long time, if you ask me. I can’t believe she had those fantasies for so long. I couldn’t help wondering if I did the same thing, though.

Anyway, it did bring back a few memories and I couldn’t help feeling nostalgic about it. Not that it was a bad thing.

So for those who would want to listen to the podcast, just click on the embedded video below. With that, happy romantic listening!


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