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The Sunday Currently |6|

Since I haven’t written any Saturday Night Thoughts (again), and I haven’t written a Sunday Currently post last week, I thought it’s about time I get back on tracks. Sheesh! It’s been a weird week for me. At least that’s what I think. And from what I’ve noticed, productivity left me. Seriously. I haven’t even proceeded with my writings even though I knew and I kept on saying to myself that I need to finish it before Christmas. I have to pass my manuscript, that’s why. It’s been a long time since I last passed any manuscript and I don’t want to wallow on misery just because of a returned manuscript. I don’t want that kind of spirit to disturb me now that Christmas is coming near.

My gosh! I can’t believe it’s only 5 days left before Christmas. But for me, I can’t really feel the hype. And I don’t have to explain why. Various reasons, but I don’t want to elaborate it since I don’t want to ruin everything. I don’t want my Christmas spirit be damped with more negative vibes than what had already hovered around for more than a year in our family. I’m not sure how I want things about me to change after this year. But I do hope that the coming 2016 will be something good for me.

Or at least, I’ll try to let it be good to me. But I’ll think about that later.

So this Sunday, I’m currently:


Private messages I initiated with Yasha Red Weasley, a Facebook and Wattpad friend, since I’ve asked her about how to write a series proposal for Precious Hearts Romances.


The final scene for “Guia’s Lotus: Be With Me” which is the second book of “Imperial Flowers” series I’m writing for PHR. The first book was already approved last September 12 that has a title “Mirui’s Hyacinth: Smile At Me”.


To “Sana’y Ikaw” by James Wright on repeat. I have to do this so that I’d be able to finally finish writing the last scene for “Guia’s Lotus: Be With Me”. I just hope it will help since I really want to finish writing this love story.


On how to finally start my new romance series after I’m done writing Guia’s love story. I can’t proceed with that of Kresna’s (which is the third book of “Imperial Flowers”, by the way) since I don’t know how to start it.  I haven’t done any story concept on it even though I already wrote a teaser for it.


Nothing. I can’t smell good tonight since I’m starting to have colds. This is one thing I hate whenever cold and rainy seasons come. Seriously, not good for my health.


To proceed smoothly with writing either “Eirenean Promise” series or “Lorlean Warriors” trilogy which are titles of the romance series I’m planning to write after Guia.


For a stressless and uneventful Christmas celebration even though it’s just me, my three sisters, and my mom. I’m not expecting anything from my father, though. I don’t want to expect anything since I know it will only make things worse for us.


Brown pants, gray socks, sleeveless tops under a black sweater.


The good vibes I’m always getting whenever I watched Kalyeserye. Man, yesterday’s episode was a blast! I hope Vic Sotto appears again in the coming episodes of KS. I really like his appearance on that episode.


To get rid of bad vibes I’m already getting just because I’m thinking of my father. I don’t want that to ruin everything.


To concentrate on what I need to write. So that means, I have to decide on what to write first so that I’ll be able to concentrate on it later on.


Neutral… I guess. But I can tell that it’s just for now since I’m writing. Writing always do this to me. It calms me down somehow—at least most of the time.


The podcast episodes from Romance Class’ Youtube channel. Listening to it made me want to buy the books, for real. But since I don’t have any money to do so, I’ll just let myself be contented with listening to the excerpts. By the way, I like Rachel Coates’ way of reading the excerpts. It’s so lively and exciting, making me want to let her read the entire story. And I like Gio Gahol’s voice. I can really feel the sincerity in it as he read the male lead’s dialogues and narrations.

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