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[#RomanceClass Podcast] Episode 1 (Fall Like Rain by Ana Tejano – Excerpt)

This was the first time I’ve listened to a podcast. It’s the truth. Though I’ve been aware of it for a long time, I’ve never actually tried listening to any of it until now. I’ve learned about the Romance Class podcast through Twitter, though I wasn’t sure which author’s account.

I’m familiar about the books that had been products of Mina V. Esguerra’s Romance Class. But I don’t have money to purchase those books, be it in digital or in print. And then this podcast came out.

I wasn’t expecting too much about listening to a podcast for the first time, especially since this particular podcast from Romance Class was only an excerpt of one of their available English books written by Filipino authors titled “Fall Like Rain” by Ana Tejano. But as soon as Rachel Coates started reading the excerpt as the character Rain, I couldn’t let anyone disturb me from listening to it. Honestly, I like the way she read the story, particularly the way she said Rain’s dialogues. It’s like she’s really into it, like she experienced it first hand as Rain from the story. Listening to Rachel and Gio reading the roles of Rain and Mark made me remember my childhood days listening to radio dramas. It’s almost like that but with a few differences.

Of course, after listening to this, it made me want to buy the book or at least inspired me to finally continue writing my pending English stories, be it a fanfiction or an original one. I couldn’t do the former since I still need to earn money to be able to purchase it. As for the latter, well… I’m trying to continue it alongside my Filipino stories that I wanted to pass to Precious Hearts Romances.

As of this writing, I think I’ve listened to that podcast for the 9th time. And then, I wondered.

For this Romance Class podcast’s season, will there be more 1st person POV excerpts to be read? Honestly speaking, I think I’d enjoy listening more to that kind of POVs on the podcast than that of the 3rd person POV excerpts.

Anyway, it’s just a thought. So, on to listening to the next podcast episode.

If you want to listen to the first episode, you can click on the embedded video below. Happy romantic reading!


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