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FATE STRIKERS was thought of as an online game loosely based and somewhat inspired on a Japanese anime. A few additions from other sources soon lengthened the concept of the game. The similarities between the game and the anime to where it was based are:

  • The ancient artifacts needed to be sealed or retrieved were all created for destructive purposes and could cause massive dimensional distortion
  • Their weapons are more commonly called “devices” since they were created from the fusion of classical magic and technology (modern and advanced)
  • Technologies that are far advanced had already existed since the ancient times (the old era) and had caused massive destructions to other surrounding areas

Game Profile

  • MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
  • Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-fi

Background Story

In a distant past, there was a world that had existed long before the advancement of modern technology took place on Earth. It was a world residing and endlessly floating in a dimensional space separated from the other worlds by a magical veil. A deity by the name of Celeste created that veil as a protective means. After all, she was the one assigned by the gods to guard the world inside that veil. That world was later named as Arc-en-ciel—a French term meaning “rainbow”. In a way, Arc-en-ciel lived up to its name since it was a world divided into seven lands, each of which were represented by the seven colors of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet—each of these colors represented certain elements that full-fledged mages of this world can possess and eventually managed to learn wielding them the right way.

This world was somehow unlike any other. Even though it existed in a distant past, its residents’ knowledge on modern technology wasn’t that lacking. In fact, it was something far advanced that enabled them to monitor their world’s situations using supercomputers and such. The residents were also knowledgeable on the use of magic, as well. It was then that they came up with an idea of fusing classical magic with modern technology to create some of the powerful weapons imaginable to them. But creating such types of weapons required skills and vast knowledge on both magic and technology. That was why only selected people could create such weapons. Those selected people were later became known as “Device Meister” for the reason that they called those powerful weapons as “devices”.

The fusion of two completely separate knowledge didn’t just bring prosperity and security to Arc-en-ciel, however. It also brought about the near-total annihilation of that world, as well. This was because of another deity responsible for controlling the lives of everything and everyone else of many various worlds. Her name was Fate. The fast and immense progress of Arc-en-ciel somehow made her feel neglected due to the fact that the people of that world had began possessing the power to control their own destinies without relying on the deity’s powers. Fate also started to get jealous of Celeste because the latter had made the world she was guiding a prosperous one. Whereas the world that Fate was guarding and guiding became torn in disputes and wars. Instead of punishing her own world’s people, Fate decided to use them for her own plans. She convinced them into plotting an all-out attack to Arc-en-ciel. And to do that, they needed to create weapons that would rival that of the devices of the Mage Knights of the Seven Lands—it was the other term used to refer to the warriors of Arc-en-ciel.

Fate helped them in creating those weapons. She used her own blood fueled with her rage and jealousy to Celeste and the Mage Knights of Arc-en-ciel to supply the necessary powers to the weapons of her own army. With that finally achieved, Fate led her army to attack Arc-en-ciel by surprise. This army was later known as the Black Winds.

A devastating onslaught—led by an army called the Black Winds who followed Fate’s desire—had almost wiped out the entire population of Arc-en-ciel because of their ultimate desire to possess the Mage Knights’ powers in order to control the dimensional space. The knowledge in the creation of the devices was something that Celeste had granted to the Mage Knights. The army’s powers destroyed the magical veil surrounding Arc-en-ciel and destroyed almost all of the seven lands of that world if it wasn’t for the help of the Guardian Gods that had divine sovereigns over their respective lands and regions. This war was later known as the Great Dimensional War.

The war went on but neither side could gain an advantage over the other despite many deaths from both sides. Celeste went on to fight Fate in an ultimate battle between two deities. It was a battle that caused a massive dimensional disturbance and destroyed the other nearby worlds, including the world that Fate was assigned to—Callista. Celeste managed to only save a third of Arc-en-ciel’s population from the dimensional disturbance because of her powers draining. Using the last endowments of her powers, she destroyed Fate and sealed her army in a dark and dangerous part of the dimensional space, hoping that they would never be freed. The Black Winds’ weapons, along with Fate’s scattered body which turned into many crystalline shards, later became known as Fate’s Relics. These relics were inadvertently scattered all over Arc-en-ciel, hiding from the rest of the world’s inhabitants.

Only seven tribes out of the hundreds known tribes of Arc-en-ciel had managed to survive the devastating war and were able to be saved by Celeste’s powers. In turn, the 7 elders that governed the 7 surviving lands of the different Mage Knight tribes had begrudgingly prophesized that one day, Celeste’s seal that bound the Black Winds would be broken and would eventually release the evil being from their seal. By then, the Black Winds had reached to create only one goal—to revive their deity Fate by collecting the scattered weapons they once used and her scattered shards. Once they had achieved that, the enemies would be using it to their full advantage.

To prevent a second devastating attack to befall upon Arc-en-ciel, the seven elders (who also happened to be the leaders of the surviving lands’ respective tribes) started recruiting Mage Knights who survived the attack (or even the descendants of those who died during the Great Dimensional War) that would help them achieve that goal. Training these Mage Knights to become strong and powerful enough to stop the Black Winds from reviving Fate using the scattered Relics was their only way to achieve the seven elders’ ultimate goal.

And so, the journey to prevent another impending disaster will begin with the recruited Mage Knights… The seven tribes will stop at nothing to achieve the ultimate peace and eventually save the entire dimensional space from impending doom…

Characters And Its Classes

Mage Knights

  • This is the main term used to refer to the players of Fate Strikers. There are seven character classes that the players can choose from. These characters had color representations as each of it belonged to a certain land presented in the game.
  • Though they are referred to as Knights, they are all actually mages since they are able to manipulate and master the magical usage of a certain element depending on the chosen character’s profile. Because of this, they are fully referred to as “Mage Knights From One Of The Seven Lands”.
  • The character classes are: Swordmaster, Ranger, Cloudbreaker, Healer, Summoner, Enchanter, and Lancer


·         Belonging to the Fire Garnet Tribe residing in the Land of Eternally Blazing Fire, Oradea

·         Excellent in the usage of different types of swords infused with a few technological aspects in order to make it more powerful

·         Master manipulators of fire, which was considered to be the wildest of all the elements ever wielded by any mages of Arc-en-ciel

·         Can also manipulate lightning as their most powerful attacks, but it is only used as a last resort.

·         Forger of the strongest swords both known and unknown to the world of Arc-en-ciel

·         Devoted to the two Guardian Gods of Fire, a phoenix named Seraphine and a dragon named Eridanus

·         Considered to be the masters of close-range combats and able to deliver powerful melee attacks in just one strike of their swords


·         Belonging to the Solar Amber Tribe of the Land of Eternal Day, Espoir

·         Master manipulators of the energies derived from the forces of the sun, the moon, and the stars

·         Can use different aspects of light as their offensive attacks to its fullest

·         Devoted to the Guardian Goddess of Light, a shining falcon by the name of Sarraqa

·         Skilled in range attacks, mostly in mid- to long-range combats

·         They are called masters of precision and accuracy when it comes to their arrows and bullets, considered to be the best snipers with the use of either guns or arrows to fire their shots, both physical and magical shots

·         With this character class, the players can chose either as a gunner or an archer

·         Can make their shots faster and fatal even in mid-range or long-range


·         Belonging to the Wind Topaz Tribe originating from the Region of the Floating Lands, Cygnus

·         Devoted follower of the Guardian Goddess of the Sky, a large swan by the name of Corentin

·         Master manipulator of the wind element and the weather, using lightning and thunder as one of his most powerful attacks

·         Also known as one of the stealthiest fighters, regarded as the deadliest assassins of Arc-en-ciel because of their incredible speed

·         Also known to skillfully possess one of the Wind Topaz Tribe’s forbidden skills—controlling the pace of time

·         Regarded as ace of aces in field combats since they were able to handle all types of range combats (close range, mid-range, long range)

·         Conjurer of hurricanes and cyclones

·         Can instantly kill his opponent with just a single strike of the lightning attack he conjured during battle

·         The only archetype that can turn invisible in and out of the battlefield with the use of the wind element


·         Belonging to the Earth Emerald Tribe of the Land of Undying Fields, Terra

·         Devoted followers of the Guardian Goddess of the Earth, a winged tiger by the name of Onile

·         Though they are called healers, they uses the fusion of both traditional and modern medicine in healing wounds and injuries the fastest time possible

·         They have the fastest regeneration ability among the other characters in the game

·         They can use their knowledge in medicine to both heal their patients and fatally kill their opponents

·         A well-trained mage knight of the Earth Emerald Tribe could also learn one of the tribe’s forbidden skills—reviving the dead but at the cost of the lives of someone precious to them or even their own lives

·         Known to be the archetype with the highest defensive skills among the other archetypes


·         Belonging to the Water Sapphire Tribe of the vast Ocean of Castalia

·         Devoted to the Guardian Goddess of the Sea, a large winged serpent by the name of Ghayth

·         Master manipulators of the water element which can be both benevolent and at the same time, the most destructive force that they could conjure

·         Caretakers of all the beasts and other creatures mainly residing in the Summons Isle and aiding them in the battlefield

·         The beast they summon became a part of them as a contract between master and servant had been establish. The beast remained loyal to their masters upon their inception to their master’s command until the end of it.

·         As long as the summoner is alive, the soul of the summoned beast will never be extinguished. The summoner can still revive their dead beast even on the spot.


·         Belonging to the Sound Crystal Tribe of the Land of Eternal Night, Heimdall

·         Commonly known to the other tribes as The Illusionists and The Puppeteers

·         Masters of illusions and hypnosis, making them able to control their opponents like puppets

·         Manipulators of the energies derived from sounds and turn them into their basic and even their most powerful attacks

·         They have the ability to morph into another person, making them one of the most unpredictable mage knights out of the seven characters

·         Usually born with a beautiful singing voice that they used to hypnotize or if not, kill they enemies with the energies formed from that singing voice.

·         Known as the Deadly Siren of Arc-en-ciel

·         Common weapon was a flute that can be used as their own wands. They are able to control various technological weapons and equipments with the use of the sound coming from the flute.

·         Devoted to the Guardian Goddess of Sound and Silence, a nightingale by the name of Riya


·         Belonging to the Ice Amethyst Tribe of the Land of Never-Melting Ice, Hesperis

·         Masters of the usage of pole-arm weapons (spear, lance, halberd, glaive) to its fullest

·         Devoted followers of the Guardian God of Ice and Snow, a fully-armored polar bear by the name of Nivion

·         Manipulators of ice and snow, masters of some of the deadliest attacks known to all

·         Able to copy other’s powers injured by one of their ice attacks

·         Creator of the most powerful shields and armors in all of Arc-en-ciel

·         Guardian of the Tree of Hesperides, a magical tree of golden apples which holds magic powers and can be used to upgrade any of the character classes’ weapons

·         Has longer life spans than any other characters since they are able to preserve most of their life points in battle with their ice powers


Mage Knight ranking basis

·         It used the same ranking as those of mages in several anime and fantasy games with a similar concept.

·         They also used similar grading/rating system like plus (+), minus (-), and even plus-plus (++) in between two ranks.

Mage Knight Rankings:

·         Rank E – This is the lowest rank of the Mage Knight. This is also the default rank of every player who had just entered. Existing between levels 1-7

·         Rank D – The second lowest rank achievable by Ground Mage Knights in the game between levels 7-14

·         Rank C – The most common rank that can be achieved by a Ground Mage Knight and it is achievable between levels 14-25

·         Rank B – The common rank among Ground Mage Knights. At this point, the Mage Knight must have at least defeated two out of the thirty leaders of the Black Winds. Achievable between levels 25-38

·         Rank A – At this rank, mage knights may upgrade from being a Ground Mage Knight to an Aerial Mage Knight. This is considered the lowest rank among the Aerial Mage Knights. Achievable between levels 38-51

·         Rank AA – The second lowest rank achievable by an Aerial Mage Knights and must have at least completed the important task that two of the eight Guardian Gods  had set about. Achievable between levels 51-66

·         Rank AAA – The most common rank among Aerial Mage Knights and must have upgraded their weapons using one of the golden apples from the Tree of Hesperides. Achievable between levels 66-82

·         Rank S – At this point, the Mage Knight had been able to tame at least one of the legendary creatures needed in one important quest: a dragon, a phoenix, a unicorn or a winged horse. Achievable between levels 82-102

·         Rank SS – The second highest rank that a Mage Knight can achieve in the game and must have at least have 2-4 beasts tamed from Summons Isle and had already completed the important tasks set about by four of the eight Guardian Gods. Achievable between levels 102-130

·         Rank SSS – The highest rank that a Mage Knight can achieve in the game. Achievable between levels 130 and above


·         Just like in most online games (mostly browser games), the character creation is somewhat limited in some aspects. However, once the player chose one of the seven archetypes (Swordmaster, Ranger, Cloudbreaker, Healer, Summoner, Enchanter, and Lancer), they are able to chose their weapons appropriate to their characters.

·         Quest-completion is also a part of this game as most online games do. Path-finding makes it easier for players to head out to the destination of their next task/ quest. Skill points can be gained at every retrieval mission completed. Magical value points (similar to experience points) can be gained with defeating the Black Winds and their minions—mainly the drones guarding the located Relics

·         One of the main goals of the game, besides completing quest brought about by non-playable characters (NPCs), is to retrieve the scattered Fate’s Relics all over a certain place in the region. The Relics differ per location in one region/lands. The magical value points that each mission held varies immensely depending on the mission

·         Destroying the drones or a Black Wind guarding the Relics without losing all of life points. The faster it was done and the intense the damage, the higher the magical value points that the character can retrieve.

·         Going to the shrine or temple of a certain region with the required item enables a player to communicate with that temple/shrine’s Guardian God in order to achieve a certain rank or perform a special quest for additional magical value points for the character. The additional points added after completing the special quest is largely different to that of completing an ordinary quest.

·         Most of the NPCs in the game will give certain quizzes to the player that appeal to them for guidance and help. Along with completing their designated quest, they have to answer the NPC’s quiz commonly done by rearranging the given letters to reveal the answer. There is no time limit to do this, only analytical and critical thinking along with the basic knowledge of the history of the virtual world that the player was in.



Though the Dimensional Space has many worlds floating, the game mainly focuses on the seven lands of the planet Arc-en-ciel where the sought-after Fate’s Relics are scattered and must be found and sealed.

The lands are:

1.) Hesperis – birth land of the Lancers

2.) Castalia – birth land of the Summoners

3.) Oradea – birth land of the Swordmasters

4.) Cygnus – birth land of the Cloudbreakers

5.) Heimdall – birth land of the Enchanters

6.) Terra – birth land of the Healers

7.) Espoir – birth land of the Rangers

HESPERIS: Land Of The Ice Amethyst Tribe

·         A land of icy mountains and valleys, this was where the Winter Kingdom was located. This is situated east of Castalia, which is ironic because the land’s name was derived from the land tended by the nymphs called the Hesperides in the Greek mythology that lies on the far western corner of the world where the tree of the golden apple was planted and protected. One of the goals of the game is to retrieve one of the apples from the protected Tree of Hesperides to advance to the next rank and upgrade their weapons. This land lies behind the Icy Mist Valley of the Hesperian Mountain on the Glacial Isle just north of Oradea’s Fire Trial Valley separated by the Scarlet Forest.

Crystal Ice Shrine

·         The main shrine of the land of Hesperis. This is the only open shrine in all of Arc-en-ciel but also one of the most difficult one to enter, as well. It was located at the heart of Hesperian Mountain and conceals a pathway leading to the Ice Mist Valley. The Guardian God of Ice and Snow lies underneath this shrine in a deep slumber after the Great Dimensional War and a mage knight having the Purple Ice Heart as one of his items enables him to communicate with the Guardian God for the next task or even a special quest

CASTALIA: Region Of The Water Sapphire Tribe

·         A region that lies underneath the only ocean of Arc-en-ciel which houses several marine creatures capable of communicating and interacting through speech. This is where the Water Kingdom was located. This land sustained life for the Tree of Mist, a tree that has powers to heal injuries and give the Mage Knight or any other non-marine creature the ability to breathe underwater. Another featuring location of this region is the Summons Isle, an island just above the Water Kingdom where the beasts and other creatures that the Sapphire Water Tribe can conjure in the battlefield are being taken care of. One of the hardest to reach location in this region is the Uminari Castle which is their main fortress and houses several knowledge about the arts of the water element, both the basic and forbidden knowledge.

Water Shrine

·         An underwater shrine located underneath the Ocean of Castalia where the Guardian Goddess of the Waters lies in a deep slumber after the Great Dimensional War; this was the main shrine of the Water Kingdom. It was located just behind Uminari Castle and guarded by several giant manta rays and sharks. A mage knight having the Azure Water Heart as one of his items enables him to communicate with the Guardian Goddess for the next task or a special quest

ORADEA: Land Of The Fire Garnet Tribe

·         A land of eternally blazing fire from volcanoes scattered all over. It was a land known to be blazing eternally and all around it, a rare blue flame called the Flame of Loyalty was found in several selected areas in the Fire Trial Valley. Several strong dragons and phoenixes reside in this land and a mage knight is given a chance to tame them, making them advance to two over-ranks (e.g. B+ and B++) if successfully done. One of its defining places is the Scarlet Forest which borders Oradea from the other lands. This forest consists of plants and trees that are not affected by the fire that had spread out all over the land.

Temple Of The Two Fire Gods

·         One of the most dangerous shrines in all of Arc-en-ciel, it lies on the crater of the Nuria Volcano. This is the only fortress of Oradea and guarded by a skeletal general who was given a chance by the two Guardian Gods to serve the people of the land after becoming corrupted by Fate’s powers. This shrine protects the Vestal Flame, an eternally burning purple flame that powers up a mage knight should he survives from its burning during the special Fire Trial. It also houses the deeply-slumbering spirit of the two Guardian Gods of Fire. A mage knight having the Crimson Fire Heart as one of his items enables him to communicate with any of the two Guardian Gods for the next task or a special quest, depending on whose God will the player choose to communicate with.

CYGNUS: Region Of The Sky Topaz Tribe

·         A region residing in the sky where only vast space filled with endless clouds exists. Large swans and falcons resided this region. It is protected by the Guardian Goddess of the Sky whose form was similar to that of a swan, where the name of the land was derived from. One of its famous locations was the Qilin Castle, a formidable fortress that had managed to survive the war and remained intact even after so many attempts to destroy it. Below it was the Cloud Mountain, the only place that conjures the portal needed to go to Cytherea, the capital city of Cygnus.

Sky Shrine

·         This is the main shrine found in the region of Cygnus and it is the residence of the spirit of the Guardian Goddess of the Sky where she remained in a deep slumber after the Great Dimensional War. This is the shrine in all of Arc-en-ciel that is hardest to reach since a winged horse or even a giant eagle is needed to reach it. It was guarded by a humanoid owl (similar to the appearance of Nisroch, an eagle-headed deity of the Assyrians) who was long given the duty to guide the mage knights who entered the shrine. A mage knight possessing the crystal called the Golden Sky Heart as one of his items enables him to communicate with the Guardian Goddess for the next task or a special quest.

ESPOIR: Land Of The Solar Amber Tribe

·         The land of the light manipulators and the most skilled rangers, this place was located just below the region of Cygnus. It lies on the eastern side of the Ocean of Castalia. This is the land that has no night time at all. Because of this, it gained a nickname: The Land Of Eternal Day. It is also the largest land in all of Arc-en-ciel. Some of its famous locations are Fortress of Arisea which was a castle-turned-mausoleum named after the princess who died during the Great Dimensional War while defending her people, the Clarion Forest which happened to be the largest rainforest in all of Arc-en-ciel, and the Western Peaks which hides the Light Shrine.

Light Shrine

·         The main shrine of the land of Espoir that has an entrance with an appearance similar to that of a Torii Gate of a Shinto Shrine. This is where the spirit of the Guardian Goddess of Light lies in a deep slumber right after the Great Dimensional War. It is located just behind the Western Peaks and inside the Clarion Rainforest. A mage knight possessing the crystal called the Amber Sun Heart as one of his items enables him to communicate with the Guardian Goddess for the next task or a special quest.

HEIMDALL: Land Of The Sound Crystal Tribe

·         This is the birth land of the most powerful and skilled Enchanters known to Arc-en-ciel, it is protected by a sound barrier. This is also the most mysterious of all seven lands since they somehow separated themselves from the rest right after the war. One of its most prominent scenery is the Xin Jing Fortress which is just on the other side of the Lexus River and just beside the Cauldron Swamp. This is where the Enchanters are trained to become full-fledged Enchanters and Mage Knights of the Sound Crystal Tribe. If Espoir is the land with no night time at all, Heimdall is the opposite: it is the land with no day time. This is also the reason why it gained another nickname: The Land Of Eternal Night.

Temple of Silence

·         Located inside Oto Cavern, this shrine was guarded by an immortal hermit tasked a long time ago by the Guardian Goddess of Sound and Silence to guard the temple. This goddess now lies within the heart of the shrine in a deep slumber after the Great Dimensional War that drained her of her powers. Her body emits energy that turned into sound barriers, protecting the remaining residents of Heimdall from possible disastrous outside attacks. A mage knight possessing the crystal called the Crystal Sound Heart as one of his items enables him to communicate with the Guardian Goddess for the next task or a special quest.

TERRA: Land Of The Earth Emerald Tribe

·         This land has become the refuge site of the surviving inhabitants of Arc-en-ciel after the devastating onslaught hundreds of years ago. This is where the Therian Capital is located. It lies between Oradea’s Scarlet Forest and Heimdall’s Cauldron Swamp. Situated south of it was the Earth Shrine. The Therian Capital—which was dubbed as the one of the strongest cities in the world for being able to withstand the war’s wrath—became the starting point of the game since the recruitment takes place in the capital where the representative of the seven tribes are present.

Earth Shrine

·         One of the most hidden shrines in all of Arc-en-ciel, it housed the spirit of the Guardian Goddess of the Earth that lies on a deep slumber after the Great Dimensional War. It was located between the Oto Cavern where Heimdall’s Temple of Silence was built and the Scarlet Forest where Oradea’s Temple of the Two Fire Gods was lying on the other side so it was a little far from Therian Capital. This is where the Healers have their training in order to become full-fledged healers and mage knights of the Earth Emerald Tribe. In the game, a mage knight possessing the crystal called the Jade Earth Heart as one of his items enables him to communicate with the Guardian Goddess for the next task or a special quest



Weapons used by players usually differs from the character class that they had chosen.

·         SWORDMASTER – broad swords, katana, nodachi, daggers, twin blades, sabers, long swords, bardiche

·         RANGER – handguns, cannons, rifles, bow and arrows, throw stars

·         CLOUDBREAKER – staff, javelin (a spear used in javelin throw), discus (heavy disc used in discus throw), hang glider

·         HEALER – potions, herbs, orbs, runestones

·         SUMMONER – summoner’s orb used to conjure the beast from the summoning sigil, whips (either physical whip or magical ones), trident

·         ENCHANTER – pendulum (for hypnosis), spellbook, flute, horn

·         LANCER – lance, spear, halberd, glaive, naginata, scythe



In this part, the enemies to be shown here are just the main ones that the characters have to deal with. Just like other online RP games, quest completion is a must to be able to advance your character to the next mage knight rank. Several traditional monsters are also being dealt with along with the other main enemies to be defeated in order to complete the quest.

The Black Winds were, in actuality, human beings whose minds became corrupted due to endless conflicts and also because of Fate’s powers. They were all dressed in the same manner—heavy black armor bearing heavy weapons. Just like the Mage Knights, the Black Winds are able to use technology to its fullest. But they can’t use it to fuse with classical magic. In the first place, they were not born possessing mana (magical energy) inside of them. Several weapons that they created became so destructive that they had to be heavily sealed right after the Great Dimensional War.

There were 40 leaders among the Black Winds, 10 in each squad. These leaders were actually the head of their own tribes. If Arc-en-ciel has seven tribes, the Black Winds of Callista has 4 squads. These 4 squads were created as they were subdivided based on their expertise. The first group was on tactics and battle strategy. The second was on weapon creation. The third was on combat expertise responsible for training the recruits. And the last group was on paramedics. Right after being fueled with Fate’s powers, the Black Winds began morphing into alien-like or animal-like forms that further strengthened them in all aspects—physically, mentally, and magically.


Eagle-like creatures in charge of aerial superiority and reconnaissance.  Their main form of attack was either as a group or alone using laser beam eyes and magical arrows shooting from their beaks opened and also when they flapped their wings.


– Rouge assassins lurking mostly in shadows. They are the masters of stealth and espionage. Darkness is their best weapon since it was their main form of attack to their opponents. They are always known to be a creature of a few words and the most mysterious of all the Black Winds, making them the deadliest opponent to be faced by the mage knights.


– Creatures that can rival to the fighting capability of Summons Isle’s beasts, they are regarded as one of the hardest to tame due to their aggressive personality. Their attacks were mostly derived from the energies of light and darkness, making them a rival to the capabilities of the mage knights from the Solar Amber Tribe.


Demonic creatures created from the leaking dark energies coming from the ruins of Callista. They are one of the creatures that retained their free will and intellectual ability. They are also the great leaders in their squads in addition to the fact that they were the deadliest creatures among the Black Winds, second only to the Deinos. They are considered the front line commanders of the squads.


– Creatures formed through the fusion of Fate’s leaking dark magic and the Black Winds’ technology, they are some of the hardest to beat in battlefield. Their thick armors that has been formed upon their creation were a factor to that. Their main weapon is sword and their greatest ability is their enormous strength similar to that of a giant.


– One of the oldest creatures to be formed using the dark magic and a stolen technology from Arc-en-ciel, they were aggressive creatures second only to the Alioths. They were originally the dead Black Winds whose bodies were retrieved right after they died during the war. Their capability to think in their own free will was somehow robbed from them as soon as they woke up from their experiment table.


– The most aggressive and the most violent of all the different Black Wind creatures. They enjoy killing people, even those traitorous colleagues of theirs, since they loved to see lots and lots of blood around the area. Their swordsmanship can be a rival to that of the mage knights (sword masters) from the Fire Garnet Tribe

Type 1 Drones

– The most common mechanical weapon created by the Black Winds that tried to find the scattered Fate’s Relics all over Arc-en-ciel. It is also the most recently created using the advancement of modern technology in both world (Arc-en-ciel and Callista). They appear as rounded cylinders with two cable-like “arms” and can levitate. Their primary mode of attack are magical laser beams and rocket launchers. They are also capable of disrupting the work mode of any machineries and other technologies using its cables sprouted from its body

Type 2 Drones

– Type II Drones are designed to secure air superiority and possess the flying wing shape. Their primary weapons are laser beams and air-to-air missiles. In addition to combat applications, Type II drones are sometimes used as means of aerial transportation by most of those Black Winds who are incapable of unassisted flight. They usually attack in groups and in a surprise attack at that, too.

Type 3 Drones

– Type III Drones are similar to Type I but they appear spherical. They also have much thicker armor, and six cable-like arms in addition to two stronger, belt-like ones. They use laser beams as one of their primary mode of combat. Some Type III Gadgets are powered by the fragment of the Fate’s Relics (Fate’s blood) that the Black Winds managed to keep to themselves before they were sealed

Type 4 Drones

– These are manufactured drones since the ancient times when the war had started, mainly for combat and area security while the Black Winds were out in the battlefields. But after the war, they were programmed with another goal, to find and guard the scattered Fate’s Relics of the land. They are particularly dangerous, since they are equipped with stealth systems and use physical weapons like sickles.


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