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How did November treats you, everyone? I hope you had a great one despite having a lot of what-nots and problems you encountered along the way. Well, my November didn’t treat me right, if you asked me. But then it’s okay. At least, it’s already December. Weird enough, I can’t feel the Yuletide season’s air. Which means, I can’t feel the Christmas vibes even though I kept on seeing Christmas trees and decorations from one house and establishments to another. Though I listen to some Christmas songs, it didn’t help me breathe the Christmas air into my system. Hopefully, this month will treat me right somehow.

And before I forgot, this will be my first Sunday Currently post for December. Unfortunately, this is one December when I don’t anticipate the coming of Christmas day since I don’t participate with the Christmas countdown. Lame life I have, I know.

`Can’t help it. Sorry for that.

So this Sunday, I’m currently:


“The Priestess and the Dragon” by Nicolette Andrews on Wattpad. I’m into Wattpad stories these days when I can’t concentrate on what I need to write.


The last chapter for “Guia’s Lotus: Be With Me” that hopefully, I’d be able to submit to PHR once I’m done editing it. That, and this Sunday Currently #5. I don’t want to miss writing this one again.


To a Japanese song “Mizu no Akashi (Token of Water)” by Rie Tanaka followed by a Korean song “Moonlight is Setting” by Heora.


Of what will happen to me in this new week that will greet me.


The calamansi scent left on my hand when I squeezed some for my pancit miki that I ate for dinner.


To finally have my cheque from PHR, which is my first paycheck for my first approved manuscript from them.


That I’d be able to knock some sense in me so that I’d be able to realize what I really have to do to help them.


My old black BCT school shirt underneath a light blue ¾ sleeve sweater and brown pants.


The fact that I’d be able to finish one of my pending manuscripts tonight. I just need to keep it up.


To buy a new set of black and red pens. My collection is almost running out.


The money to be able to buy not just the pens but also a new micro-SD card for my other cellphone.


Neutral despite the frustrating atmosphere hovering around the house.


Videos of episodes of “Totally Spies” and “Martin Mystery” from Youtube. I missed watching these.

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