Entries In English · Poetic Moments


It’s 10 am and here I am.
I think of things that I want to do.
I have so many dreams that I have with you.
Yet here I am, thinking if it will ever come true.

I sit here in one corner, pondering in the dark.
Will the time comes I’d be able to see you?
Will my dreams I have about you become reality?
Will you pick me up and say “here I am and I’ll hold you in my arms forever”?

It’s really weird for me to think like this.
To think of you as if you truly exists in reality.
But there’s nothing wrong with wishing, right?
There’s nothing wrong for me to wish in silence for a someday with you.

Underneath the sakura tree that’s blooming so beautiful,
That’s where my dream usually takes me.
But please take me there someday
And make me realize that reality is far better than a dream.

Someday, take me into your arms.
Someday, let fate allow me to know you’re real.
One day, hold me close and don’t let go.


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