For Now

I can't write again I can't find inspiration In short, I've been procrastinating again Should I just hit my head somewhere? Maybe it'll help me despite the pain it'll bring But that thought only made me laugh As I listen to two songs playing on repeat I can only do this for now Since I... Continue Reading →


The Sunday Currently |7|

Seven… I hope this will be something lucky, huh? Yes, this is my seventh Sunday Currently entry and it will be the last for this year. I rarely finish something like this before, so this is considered an achievement for me. I’ve never posted something sensible in my previous blogs that I ended up deleting... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night Thoughts #7

Finally! I’m able to write this one after skipping it for how many weeks already. Okay… it’s not that long, right? I only skipped writing this for a week or two. See, I wasn’t even sure. As usual, my head hurts at the moment. But not because of stress or anything related to that. It’s... Continue Reading →

Some Christmas Morning Thoughts

Merry Christmas to all of you who will be able to read this post! Hehe! It’s almost 2 in the morning when I was typing this down. But even though I was supposed to sleep already, I ended up doing this. Probably because I can’t sleep. I was also supposed to write open letters I’m... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently |6|

Since I haven’t written any Saturday Night Thoughts (again), and I haven’t written a Sunday Currently post last week, I thought it’s about time I get back on tracks. Sheesh! It’s been a weird week for me. At least that’s what I think. And from what I’ve noticed, productivity left me. Seriously. I haven’t even... Continue Reading →

All I Did

All I did was to tear papers Instead of writing what I need to It seems productivity left me And inspiration did the same So I ended up doing another thing All I did was to continue dreaming Of how will my love story happen one day I’ve never felt so unloved in my life... Continue Reading →

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