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Yup, I know I haven’t posted something like this last week. The same goes to my Saturday Night Thoughts blog. I wasn’t really hyped up to write anything about what happened to me this past week. I was all down and I tended to procrastinate about… almost everything. I don’t know. A lot had happened and all I did was to rant—which is a really bad habit of mine, by the way. Don’t be like that. It won’t do you good.

But then, it was a good thing that my SOR finally arrived and I was able to send it back for me to have everything settled about it. And I was able to finish a few of my pending stories—so far. Hopefully, I’ll be able to have the same energy to do what I need to do with regards to my writings.

In other words, I hope I’d be able to beat procrastination for good. Hopefully…

So this Sunday, I’m currently:


“Soulmates: 300 Years Of Love” by atserkeiram and “The Last Sky Of The Earth 1: The Hunt For The Dark Rose” by yours truly—both are posted on Wattpad. I’m just rereading the story that I wrote, though, since I’m already planning to continue writing it.


“Just One” AlDub/MaiDen Short Fanfiction Series #2 with the title ‘One Regret’, TLSOTE’s “The Encounter’s Aftermath” chapter, and this Sunday Currently #4.


To “Because It’s You” by Tiffany of SNSD which was one of Love Rain’s OST. It’s in Korean, of course.


Of how I’d be able to finish writing all my pending manuscripts without actually procrastinating, as usual. I really hate not being able to finish my writing goals like this.


My sister’s chicken curry that she was cooking.


To beat procrastination so that I’ll be able to finish what I needed to do.


To find inspiration for my writings… probably a love life (that is, if ever I’d be able to find one if I live like a hermit these days).


A black sweatshirt and brown pants. Thank goodness, the cold weather doesn’t kick up too much these past days.


The fact that I’m able to update TLSOTE after how many weeks. Seriously, I miss writing that story even though I admit that it’s quite hard to write it because of the action scenes and such.


To find a job that I won’t actually hate in the end. But then it seems that real jobs doesn’t like me whatever I do to like them.


Some inspiration not just for my writing but also for everything. It’s getting hard for me to find it, to be honest.


Depressed over a lot of things, particularly about my inability to help my family (particularly on financial aspects) because I always think of myself as inadequate to do such things for them. I really hate this feeling.


The Sunday Currently #27 on nothingspaces.com using my mobile phone. Sometimes, it’s nice to read other people’s Sunday Currently blog posts, especially when you have nothing to do. Hehe!

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