Though I haven’t started writing Detective Tennis Part 3 with the working title “Dangers of the Forgotten Chronicles”, I can already envision Oshitari Yuushi and Hondou Kazumi’s interactions as cousins, especially upon finally discovering the girl’s other skill aside from piano and tennis.

By the way, for those who are curious, Hondou Kazumi first appeared in Seasons of Chances and Love 1: Classic Love In Spring. She will have an important participation in DT Part 3 due to her connection with the Miyuzaki twins Takumi and Tsukasa. The twins were Miyuzaki Kana’s elder siblings.

And since this has came up, I realized that I haven’t fully explained the timeline that each POT fanfic I wrote had. Of course, I’ll only explain the connected ones. The stories are all listed in order of their timeline/arcs.

1. Detective Tennis 1: The Targeted Tennis Player Of Seigaku
–This was were it all began, as the saying goes. Well, this fanfic’s timeline encompasses the events after the Kantou Finals. This is where Ryoma and his family’s involvement with a prestigious clan took a turn for the worst when the freshman was targeted because of the assumption that he knew the important person that the enemy was looking for. This is where I first introduced people from the fictional Shinomiya clan and the Miyuzaki clan.

2. Detective Tennis 2: Tennis Court Murders
–Now this one took a different turn from the original POT timeline and story as I haven’t mentioned anything here about the U-17 and Tezuka hadn’t gone to Germany. This time, they got to deal with a murderer whose victims were all middle school tennis players. The storyline of this fic took place somewhere in between late October to early November (I think). In addition to that, this series mentioned two more fictional prestigious clans (the Yumemiya clan and the Azuraya clan) which made up a group called the Four Families. But only a member of the Azuraya clan made an appearance to this story.

3. Seasons of Chances and Love 1: Classic Love In Spring
–The story took place during high school already and this tackles on the romance between Tezuka and the OC Hondou Kazumi. This is also where I first introduced the Five Columns of Seigaku, in which two of them were from the Yumemiya clan and the Miyuzaki clan.

4. Seasons of Chances and Love 2: Perfect Love in Summer
–Taken place during the summer of their first year in high school, this story was focused on the love story of Fuji and the OC Yumemiya Miyako. The OC was a member of the Yumemiya clan’s main branch and she has an older brother Mamoru who happened to be the current leader of the clan. This is also where Julie Elzea (revealed to be Atobe’s fiancee in “Seasons of Sweet Memories”) was first introduced.

5. Seasons of Chances and Love 3: Promised Love In Autumn
–Now this one deals with Oishi’s love story together with his leading lady and childhood best friend Miyuzaki Kana. This one took place during the second semester of the school year. Though it wasn’t fully revealed in the story, she has siblings. In fact, she was the fourth among the five Miyuzaki siblings. She has two older brothers, an older sister, and a younger sister.

6. Seasons of Chances and Love 4: Unveiled Love in Winter
–This one tells Kawamura’s love story with a former karate champion and ladies’ gang leader Sarasugawa Aika. This still takes place during the last part of their first year in high school, from late November to White Day. Her back story (and also that of Sanada’s) concerning someone named Kazato Jinno will have its cameo on the third part of DT series.

7. Seasons of Chances and Love 5: Language of Love In Spring
–Now this story, which will tackle the love story of Inui and Yamazaki Hanako, takes place during the start of their second year in high school. A member of the Azuraya clan, Nanasaki Hotaru, was introduced here with the help of Yumemiya Miyako and Yanagi since she’ll be having a participation in the pair’s budding love story.

8. Detective Tennis 3: Dangers of the Forgotten Chronicles
–Okay, so this is the sequel to “Tennis Court Murders” which I just finished writing (finally). Now this one doesn’t only involved Seigaku, but also Hyotei, Rikkaidai, Jyousei Shounan, and even Shitenhouji. Well, only two characters would be involved from the Hyoutei team, namely Oshitari and Otori. An OC and one character, Sanada, would be involved from Rikkaidai. Kajimoto would have a participation in the story from the Jyousei Shounan and only Chitose would make an appearance. This story will take places two years after the events in the second book of the series.

9. Seasons of Chances and Love 6: Hope For Love In Summer

10. Detective Tennis 4 Finale: Final Blood Connections

11. Seasons of Chances and Love 7: Wish For Love In Autumn

12. Seasons of Chances and Love 8 Finale: Colors of Love In Winter

13. Miracle’s Dream-Colored Gift

Oh, and before I forget. “Seasons of Sweet Memories” is actually a collection of one-shot side stories from “Seasons of Chances and Love” series. So its timeline encompasses that of the entire eight stories in the series.

And also, I was thinking of adding more side stories (multi-chaptered ones) before MDCG’s timeline. There was actually one plot that runs in my mind for a long time now which concerns Hondou Kazumi’s adventure in Kanagawa to search for the one responsible for the deaths of her two female cousins. Those two ladies, unfortunately, had connections to both Sanada and Niou, which will possibly prompt me to add the other Rikkadai boys to the mix.


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