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Nothing much.

That’s what I can say about what happened to me over the week. I know I haven’t posted something like this last week. I was actually preoccupied with something else. Same old problems. Nothing much has changed.

Seriously, why is it so hard for prideful people to forget and move on? Well, I asked this because of my father. I don’t want to rant about him as much as possible because it will definitely irritate me to the core. I’d rather deal with another issue instead of dealing with someone who can’t seem to move on and all closed ears when you reason to him.

Setting this aside, now I remember something that happened over the week. It’s about the way I dress. I’m actually the girl who doesn’t give a care about how I look. I’m not interested in fashion and I’d rather keep things simple. But people around me doesn’t really think it’s appropriate for the 24-year-old me. Because of the way I dress, some of my mother’s office mates thought of me as my mom’s maid instead of as her daughter. That’s the reason why my mom kept bugging me to change and be conscious with the way I dress and the way I look, though she only told me that two days after she started mentioning that I should be conscious about how I should present myself to everyone.

It hurts me and I have to admit that. But I just kept quiet. My mom was already hurt because of that. I don’t want to intensify it anymore. But then I said to myself that it would take me some time to change myself. It’s not easy to someone who got accustomed to the usual way of doing things overnight. It will take time and I know it.

But even if I did try to change myself, will that help me? For someone who had been so afraid to face the ‘outside world’, I don’t think it will be an easy task at all.

I don’t know what will happen after this. I guess I’ll just have to watch things unfold then, huh?


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