Okay. Just earlier, someone left a review on my fanfic story “Tennis Court Murders” about the series’ Part 3 and 4. Honestly, I want to reply to her inquiry. But seeing that she left the review as a guest, it won’t be possible. So I decided to just leave it here since this is my blog specially for my fanfiction stories posted on FFN.

I have stated in the epilogue’s author note that there will be a Part 3 and 4 for the Detective Tennis series I’ve been writing for years (literally and slowly, I might add). But to be honest, the only thing I have right now for the continuation of Tennis Court Murders are story plots/concepts. Which means I haven’t started writing the story just yet. Too many distractions and hindrances, that’s why.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll be abandoning the series. I just need time to finally begin writing the Part 3 which will have “Dangers of the Forgotten Chronicles” as a working title. There’s still a lot of planning to do if I want to make it happen, you know.

So until then, please. I want you to be patient in waiting for it to be posted. Trust me. I’m excited to write the next part of the crossover fanfic series since it involves Rikkaidai. Hehe!


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