It’s Sunday once again and it’s the beginning of another week for all of us. But for me, to be honest, it’ll be another “dragging” week of wishing and muttering and tiring moments to come to my life. I can’t do anything about it. It all felts like I’ve given up. I couldn’t do anything anything else other than to mumble about how my life should’ve been and how I want my life to become if I had actually done something to prove myself. But then it’s useless. Until I find a way to get out of this, I’ll just remain to be the useless girl my parents and even my sisters knew me.

Sad but true.

So this Sunday, I’m currently:


More Prince of Tennis fanfictions. In fact, I’ve been rereading the fanfictions I wrote since 2009 as I mutter to myself how my writing style had changed over the years.


This Sunday Currently #3 and a Prince of Tennis one-shot fanfiction featuring Atobe Keigo and an OC (original character) with a working title “The Love I’ll Never Find Again”. yup, mushy stuff once again. What else is new?


To Michael Bolton’s “Now That I Found You” which is my LSS for the fanfiction I’m writing.


On how to finally finish “Guia’s Lotus” this week, at last! Seriously, this is starting to drive me nuts again. Add the terror that had happened in some parts of the world, this world will soon drive everyone nuts if nothing is done. For real.


Nothing. There’s nothing weird to that since I’m starting to have colds and I can’t smell god right now. I hate this!


For my SOR to finally arrive. PLEASE! I’m begging you, people! It’s been months. And seriously, I’ve been wishing for that for two weeks now.


To find my drive to continue writing for me to finish my pending manuscripts. There are a lot of them, mind you.


A red knee-length skirt, a striped knitted sweater with a pink and white striped shirt underneath, and a pair of gray socks. I haven’t washed my other pants, that’s why I’m settling myself with a skirt for now which I rarely do.


The fact that I still continue to write no matter how slow and even though I’m suffering from a lack of drive and inspiration to push it all the way.


To finally see and hold the fruit of my writing labor before this new week ends once again. It’s already overdue, in case you didn’t know that.


To calm myself down in order for me to concentrate with my writing. Since the past week, I’ve been trying to do that but to no avail.


Mentally drained and about to get down with colds. As expected, since it’s already the season for such sickness to occur and affect me.


News articles about the Paris Terrorist Attacks and more Prince of Tennis fanfictions to read since I’ve missed reading such stories.

Join the Sunday Currently link-up by Sidda Thorton


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