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Love Letter From The Ancient Times

I don’t usually watch Korean drama. Okay, let me rephrase that. I don’t watch TV dramas on a regular basis. I’m more of an anime fan, though. And more often, I prefer dramas in anime than in live action dramas–if you know what I mean. Yes, anime lover lang naman po ako. Hindi nga lang halata. Pero kapag nagkainteres akong manood, minsan ay piling-pili pa ang mga pinapanood ko. Some of those Korean dramas I chose to watch was “The Moon That Embraces The Sun” and Sungkyunkwan Scandal”. See? Pareho pang historical fiction drama.

But that’s not the reason why I suddenly decided to open up watching Korean dramas. This post has something to do with the letter in the final episode of “Queen Inhyeon’s Man”. And do I have to say that I’m such a fan of sappy love letters? `Guess I didn’t mention that yet. But that’s okay. So before I decide to go on with my post, this is the letter I was talking about, though I’m posting it here in its English translation.

“This is the letter that’s written both to you and to me at the same time. I might forget that I had written this letter… Or even this letter itself might disappear. For me or for you, this letter is written for whoever may live holding on to the memories. When I first happens to come into possession of this talisman, I was very curious about its cause and effect. At first, I thought that the realization of my dream was the effect. Shortly after, I thought meeting you was its effect. Then afterwards, I thought that beginning a new life in another world was the effect. But it’s only now that I came to realize its effects. If the cause was my surviving, then my having to lose everything was the effect. My future. My honor. My values. My people. And you, too. I do not know what will happen now. Will we forget each other, or will we live unable to forget, forever in agony? If I have a final wish… It is to remember you. In an aimless life, to not even have those memories would be hell. And you… Even if you should happen to read this letter someday far in the future, I pray that you will not be able to realize whom it is for…”

Sad, isn’t it? Only of the lovers remained holding on to the memories that both of them created. But one had to sacrifice in order to protect the other. Ganoon naman talaga, `di ba? Marami tayong magagawang sakripisyo para sa taong mahal natin. Even if you would surely suffer and live in agony because of the sacrifice you decided to take, it doesn’t matter. It’s already obvious in the letter that the love story has a fantasy-time travel element to it.

Now that I thought about it, time is one of the forces that usually separates two people–especially lovers–apart aside from Death. Mahirap nga namang kalabanin ang oras. Of all the love stories I’ve heard and watched that have couples from different timelines as a topic, the couple always ended up separated because they need to return to their respective timelines in order not to disrupt the events that are bound to happen. I’ve never seen a happy ending for both of them–at least a happy ending with regards to their love lives, that is. But here in “Queen Inhyeon’s Man”, the man had forsaken his life in the past–a respected nobleman during the ancient Korea’s Joseon dynasty–to be with the woman he loves who was living as an actress known for her role as Queen Inhyeon in a historical drama in the present times. Not all of us could do that and I’m pretty sure of that–at least on the part of forsaken the life you knew to be with the one you love for a long time.

This thought is not about me being bitter or anything similar. But right now, that’s the reality. Of course, until there comes the ultimate reason for them to make such sacrifice to be with the one they love (and not just to be martyrs in love or anything), we’re considered to be selfish beings who remain searching for something or someone to become that ultimate reason.

**Now that I noticed, the blog title has little to do with the topic of this entire post. Just great!**


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