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The Sunday Currently |1|

Reading other people’s blogs let you discover a lot of things. At least, I discovered a lot of things as I read Maine Mendoza’s blog. One of them was this—the Sunday Currently post in which the original link-up was created by siddathorton. And I think it’s fun to do the same thing. As of this post, Maine already posted 4 volumes of her Sunday Currently blog post. So I thought, why not join the fun? That means, starting today—this Sunday, I mean—I’ll be posting my own volumes of Sunday Currently in addition to my posts on Saturday Night Thoughts. This is just to sum up my week by far. So, here goes.

This Sunday, I’m currently:


Infinity Ring #6: Behind Enemy Lines by Jennifer A. Nielsen, My Charming Love by Maxine del Carmen, and Hundred Days With You (Wattpad Version) by whenitcomestolove. And to think I’m still stuck in the middle of each of these stories. Why can’t I find time to finish reading all of these?


You mean besides this Sunday Currently post? I’m still stuck in writing my manuscript with a title “Guia’s Lotus: Be With Me”. And then I’m also continuing some of the anime fanfiction I’ve neglected for about a year. Not to mention an untitled entry for my blog.


“Everlasting Story” by Satou Akemi. I’m actually listening to my playlist consisting of my favorite Japanese songs. This song is currently playing.


Of what happened to the SOR of my first approved manuscript from PHR. It hasn’t arrived until now even though it’s been more than a month since the manuscript was approved.


The jelly beans I got from my youngest sister. But seriously, I keep on smelling chocolates around me. I don’t know where it was coming from.


To have my currently evaluated manuscript approved so that I can proceed with the next manuscript.


To finally get hold of my first paycheck from my approved manuscript. But then I don’t want to keep my hopes up.


Brown pants and a black shirt with a SECURITY print on the chest under a yellow sweatshirt. And since it’s freakin’ cold tonight, I’m also wearing socks.


This gummy candy strip I’m eating right now. I realized I missed eating this kind of candy.


To finish my pending manuscripts right now.


To calm my mind so that I could proceed with finishing my manuscripts.


Hungry and tired from all the lifting, pushing, and carpentry I did since we need to finish fixing all the packed things here in our new house.


The Windows Media Player as I chose another song to listen to since the computer I’m using at the moment doesn’t have an internet.


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