Yup, I know I haven’t posted something like this last week. The same goes to my Saturday Night Thoughts blog. I wasn’t really hyped up to write anything about what happened to me this past week. I was all down and I tended to procrastinate about… almost everything. I don’t know. A lot had happened... Continue Reading →



I know I haven’t posted something like this last week. Well, wala po kasi sa focus ang utak ko that time at ang tanging laman lang ay pulos rants at kung anu-ano pang hindi ko na dapat ilahad dahil ayoko nang masira ang week ko. During the past week, all I did was to procrastinate... Continue Reading →


Nothing much. That’s what I can say about what happened to me over the week. I know I haven’t posted something like this last week. I was actually preoccupied with something else. Same old problems. Nothing much has changed. Seriously, why is it so hard for prideful people to forget and move on? Well, I... Continue Reading →


As I browsed my stories posted in FFN, I noticed that I wrote several fanfics with Sakuno as the female lead. Not that I don’t like RyoSaku ones. It’s just that I’m not accustomed to it. Personally, I like her getting paired to a tennis regular other than Ryoma. So now that this came up,... Continue Reading →


Okay. Just earlier, someone left a review on my fanfic story “Tennis Court Murders” about the series’ Part 3 and 4. Honestly, I want to reply to her inquiry. But seeing that she left the review as a guest, it won’t be possible. So I decided to just leave it here since this is my... Continue Reading →


It’s Sunday once again and it’s the beginning of another week for all of us. But for me, to be honest, it’ll be another “dragging” week of wishing and muttering and tiring moments to come to my life. I can’t do anything about it. It all felts like I’ve given up. I couldn’t do anything... Continue Reading →

Love Letter From The Ancient Times

I don’t usually watch Korean drama. Okay, let me rephrase that. I don’t watch TV dramas on a regular basis. I’m more of an anime fan, though. And more often, I prefer dramas in anime than in live action dramas--if you know what I mean. Yes, anime lover lang naman po ako. Hindi nga lang... Continue Reading →


It’s the 8th of November and the second Sunday here at our newly-rented house. Wow! May isang linggo na rin pala. Nakakaloka lang. Nag-uumpisa na naman ang pag-iisip ko ng mga negative thoughts dahil sa mga nangyari this past week. But I’ll try to remove them from my mind as soon as possible. It’s not... Continue Reading →

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