Saturday Night Thoughts #3

I can’t believe I’d be able to write another Saturday Night Thoughts since right now, as I write this, I’m beat. Dead tired, if you want another description. But to inform you who were reading this post, this is actually the very first entry I’m writing here in a new room. That’s right, we’ve just... Continue Reading →



...which is seriously an indication that I’m almost at my limit. Or at least my patience and understanding. I don’t know the concrete reason why I cried. But one thing I know, life as you try to put up with people who doesn’t appreciate every bit of your effort really sucks. For real. And then... Continue Reading →


It’s night time. I’m here on my bed, listening over and over to my favorite Japanese songs. What’s worst? My head hurts—a lot. Actually, my head hurts since this morning. I don’t know if it was the effect of waking up way early or something else. One thing I know, one reason is because of... Continue Reading →

To The One Who Broke My Heart

I should’ve written this letter a long time ago and gave it to you. But I should’ve done before, when I was still a naive high school girl. I’ve graduated from college for more than a year now. But somehow, what you did to break my heart back then was still here in my heart.... Continue Reading →

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