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Of All The Love I Found

I have found different loves when I began to learn how
But none of them had protected my heart the way you’re doing now
Those loves I’ve felt ruined my heart piece by piece
And I can’t do anything for those pain to completely cease

You found my heart broken and afraid to love again
For I never want to endure this so much agony and pain
Yet you came to my life and gave me another good reason
To surpass this pain I’m feeling like flowing with the season

You loved and protected my heart like a precious jewel
And you never acted in front of me like a rock-hard newel
You assured that I could trust in those words you said
And I know you don’t have any intentions for my heart to misled

Of all the love I found, yours have become a shining light
That enlighten my path for it have turned to dark night
You guided my heart and led it on the path that leads to you
And it knows that you’ll never tear it in two

You showed me the love that can fix a broken heart
For it promises a feeling that won’t break this heart apart
And I’m happy to say, “Of all the love I found along,
Yours have restored my heart that sings our love’s song.”


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