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If Only I Could

Deep in my heart, there’s a ruthless pain that devours it
And it seems that it will stop for even a little bit
It started the day you left me for another
The person that I think you’ve promised forever

If only I could make you say it again, those words for me
The words that are far sweeter than a chocolate candy
Then I would never have yearned for them once more
While sitting on my chair, facing the front door

If only I could have embraced you here with me again
Just to be able for me to feel love and fade the pain
Then everything that’s dull around me might fade away
And having the warmth of your love brighten up my day

If only I could turn back the time for even a bit
Then I could be able to set things back and correct it
To return again to those times that I still have you
Giving me strength and courage to fight for what I need to do

But it seems that everything for me is already too late
‘Cause I’m always in a hurry to know what’s going to be my fate
So now I’ll keep wiping my tears that cried real good
That I know will make me say the words, “If only I could”


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