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What If…

The sun shone brightly in the sky like it always does
But the gray clouds filled the blue sky as it soon pass
Like the day you said that you love me like no other
And you even promised that we will always be together

What if I never trusted those words of yours?
Then maybe they shouldn’t have slashed my heart by force
Maybe if I listened to my earlier premonition
I think I will not cry for you because of depression

What if I never saw your dashing smiles that surely charm?
Then I wouldn’t be enticed by your smirks that harm
Perhaps if I haven’t made myself a fool and so much blind
I should’ve fulfilled my dreams that’s chained in my mind

What if your love have never beguiled me in what I do?
Then you’d never have trampled down my love for you
Maybe if I let myself wait for the love that’s for me
I think I would have guessed what my future will be

What if I never met a two-timing person like you?
Then I guess you won’t have a chance to hurt me, too
Perhaps, if I focused myself in reality than living in a trance
I know I would never have suffered this pain for once


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