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I Need You Back

For the years that have crossed, I’ve lived my life in the past
It made my world run slow that onve happened to be fast
I was bound to your memories that made me cry all night
Your memories that kept me away from the light

I need you back to my life, that’s the only thing I need
For I can never bear the loneliness that you, leaving me, did
It’s hard to pretend that I have lived a happy life
When the day you left me had slashed my heart with a knife

Please rekindle the flame of love inside of my chest
The love that died when I chose to what I think was best
But I ended up being depressed and my heart was tortured
And I think time doesn’t have the medicine to had it cured

I need you here with me so my heart will be alive again
To never suffer in agony and sorrow that gives me this pain
I need you beside me to embrace me when the world is cold
And lay a hand that gives me strength for me to hold

Please forgive me for the biggest mistake I’ve ever done
For I’ve only realized that after the day you were gone
I know the crosscurrents of fate and time have divided our tracks
But I’ll still wait for you, because I need you back


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