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Until That Day Comes

I kept on wishing of me standing by your side
Smiling at the life with you that I want to ride
But I guess I have to be patient and willing to wait
If it will come my way, or so it is said by fate

For I won’t let my heart fail me, especially now
Even to let my courage desert me in this way somehow
I know that falling in love makes some people dumb
But I won’t let that happen if the day that reality comes

I believe that this world has a lot of twists of fate
And it feels like missing a ride when you go on a date
I won’t let the cold reality and recent past makes me dumb
For I will wait for the warmth of your love for me to come

Love was the last of my plans for this future of mine
But I never thought it would be kindled inside me to shine
And it keeps on shining whenever I see you near me
Including your smile that shows the person I’m going to be

I know I can trust in my own heart that loves you true
The light from the silver moon is the one that gives a clue
A love unquenchable by any trials is what I want to feel
But I’ll keep on wishing for it until that day comes for real


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